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When I think of the benefits of CRM use in your company, I think in formula 1.

In those races, everyone competes with the same rules and therefore everyone can win.

However, those who have a more powerful car play with a blatant advantage.

It doesn’t matter if Fernando Alonso is a great driver; if his car doesn’t go with him, he can’t match other drivers who also do very well.

Well, it’s the same with a CRM.

It doesn’t matter how good the company is or how efficient its sales team is.

If you don’t have a CRM you are playing at a disadvantage to those who do.

And the figures bear this out:

According to a Salesforce study, companies that use a CRM, on average, see the ROI of their marketing campaigns improve by 43%, customer satisfaction by 45% and sales by 37%.

Advantages and benefits of a CRM

And that’s precisely what you get with a CRM: increased sales, return on investment and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of CRM use in sales

Thanks to a CRM, salespeople sell more and are more productive.

Benefit 1: Salespeople sell more

According to a study by the National Association of Sales Professionals, 80% of sales are made after contacting the lead at least 5 times.

Data from the same study indicates that 90% of the time, salespeople contact a potential client 4 times or less.

And the only reason this happens is because keeping track of sales is difficult, and it is very easy to become annoying or unwelcome.

This is solved with a CRM. Thanks to its warnings and reminders, you are sure to follow up on them for as long as necessary.

And that, when you sell, is very noticeable.

Benefit 2: You increase productivity

Being able to handle several sales opportunities in parallel is a must for all salespeople.

This, when you only have to follow up on 5 or 6 opportunities is easy; however, as time goes by and the opportunities pending closure accumulate, it starts to get complicated.

When you have to follow up on more than 15 it is almost impossible. Or it is if you don’t use a CRM.

Thanks to the tool you don’t have to remember anything, because with the warnings and notifications, you make sure that the tool does it for you.

This simple functionality allows each salesperson to keep more accounts, and therefore be more productive.

Benefits of CRM use for customer service

With a CRM, the customer service you provide is better:

Benefit 3: More positive customer experience

Before picking up the phone or answering an email, the customer service person at a company with a CRM knows everything about the customer they are going to talk to.

And he knows it even if he has never had contact with him before.

This is because, using a CRM, all the information about each customer is recorded and centralised in their file, and with a few clicks, it is visible to any member of the team.

This allows for a more personalised service and the customer notices this.

Benefit 4: Retain more customers

By giving more personalised attention, customers feel better treated and better served and find it harder to go to the competition.

As if this were not enough, thanks to a CRM it is easy the most profitable customers for the company and to give them a specially personalised and detailed treatment.

In this way, you ensure both that you retain more customers in general, and that you retain the best in particular.

Benefits of CRM use for your marketing campaigns

With a CRM, the ROI of your marketing campaigns also shoots up:

Benefit 5: You can carry out personalised campaigns

One of the advantages of being able to carry out your marketing campaigns from the tool in which you have all the information about your customers centralised is that you can personalise the campaigns to the extreme.

Beyond accompanying each email with personal data, you can send specific emails to specific segments to ensure you get the right message to the right person at the right time.

These highly personalised campaigns achieve better results than general ones.

Benefit 6: You can automate processes

Another advantage of using a CRM is that many of the steps in your sales and marketing process can be standardised first and automated later.

If you ensure that it is always done in the same way and in the same order (i.e. standardising) you can improve the results of your sales processes, when you automate them to stop relying on one person’s actions, your results will skyrocket.

Benefit 7: Report creation

The final major benefit of CRM use is the ease with which you can generate reports and gather information on the results of your campaigns.

One of the mantras of business management says

Advantages and benefits of a CRM

And this is a fundamental truth.

So with a CRM and a few clicks you can extract reports and data on how your marketing and sales campaigns are performing to optimise what works best and discard or change what doesn’t.

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