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Speed up your quote-to-cash flow.

Act fast on each opportunity in efficy CRM. With your pricing and customer information centralised in efficy CRM, we make it easy to create and send polished, accurate quotes in moments.

After you click send, seamlessly close each deal faster with e-signatures and built-in payments integrated with your CRM. And as you go from deal — next, streamline your entire sales process with efficy CRM Contract Management.

Save more time with templates.

Send quick quotes with confidence using professional templates and fully customise them as you like with company branding, information, legal requirements, and more. 

Boost sales collaboration.

Maximise your sales potential by keeping everyone in the loop at every customer touchpoint. 

In efficy CRM, you’ll have an organised space to store and manage each quote and keep a full record of your sales activity for everyone involved.  



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