Simplify your business management with our ERP module

The challenge for today’s companies is to be able to quickly and efficiently process the tens, hundreds, and thousands of pieces of data they create every day.

To succeed, their teams must be agile and flexible. Without an ERP solution, a real information system that coordinates the different flows and the different actors, companies would not be able to satisfy their customers, suppliers and therefore grow. Having an ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning” or PGI “Progiciel de Gestion Intégré”) allows companies to gain in productivity and performance in the management of internal processes.

With the ERP module of Efficy SMB solutions, you benefit from unique and shared information, you streamline exchanges between departments for better control and financial management of your company.


Pilot the commercial management or the management by business

Plan, order, produce, deliver and invoice with a unique business management ERP solution that natively integrates the Efficy SMB solution. Your ERP becomes one with your CRM and project management. You invoice in a few clicks. You manage all your activities with a single solution. You know what has been sold, produced, invoiced and you control your backlog.
You have an agile and efficient business management and thus eliminate repetitive administrative tasks.


Choose an agile management

Process and/or automate your commercial management processes. From quotation to collection, you efficiently follow the logical steps of your administrative circuit and control traceability (quotation, order, deposit invoice, global or partial invoice, delivery note, credit note, etc.) Efficy manages all your types of invoicing, including recurring invoicing (contracts, licenses, etc.), 100% automated according to the desired cycles. You manage your direct debits and payments. You efficiently manage your reminders and receipts.


Integrate Efficy with your accounting and financial tools

Avoid unnecessary data entry and limit the risks associated with the use of sensitive management data. Efficy’s commercial management CRM is integrated with most accounting and financial tools on the market. Integrate your sales, purchases and third parties … automatically into your accounting.

Fine-tune the activity and create customer value

You have questions about your commercial management performance. With the Efficy invoicing module, you can monitor your company’s financial performance in real time. Get a catalog of reporting reports as standard, analyze them and make the right decisions. Design your own dashboards, automate their generation and distribution. Integrate administrative-financial data into the customer life cycle and provide your customer, sales and marketing departments with essential information for the customer account plan.