Order management

Create a flawless customer experience from purchase to delivery — efficy CRM makes it easy.

Let the entire order process flow.

We help you streamline your entire order management process, from receiving an order, fulfillment, inventory management, automatically sending invoices, receiving payments, and beyond — right from efficy CRM.


Empower your teams with better order management.

Track each part of the order process in real time. Validate order lines one by one or in bulk, and use automation throughout your order management process to boost your efficiency.

Keep an accurate view of your inventory.

Efficy CRM captures all your product and service information — keep clear view over your inventory to make optimisations that save money, avoid errors, and ensure smooth order fulfillment.


Optimise order routing.

Managing your routes is no longer a headache. We help you with address geocoding, schedule generation, and route calculation.

Thanks to the route optimisation in efficy CRM, you can plan your itinerary in just a few clicks.  



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