Product catalogue

Keep track of all your company products in one easily accessible location — efficy CRM’s digital Product Catalogue.

Stay organised with one visual home for all your products.

Whether your product range is small or complex, keep track of it all — from features, price, updates, inventory, promotional details, and more — in one structured space.  

Easily maintain your product catalogue for freshness — sync, clean up, and edit content directly or from a generated source.

Keep everyone on the same page.

With efficy CRM, your product catalogue will always be up-to-date and available for any team member to access.

Depending on your department’s needs, you can quickly view, create, or update

  • a product’s selling points,
  • client references,
  • claims or complaints,
  • attached documents,
  • and more. 

Target your products accurately and ensure competitive pricing.

Boost sales with efficy CRM’s Product Catalogue — anticipate customer needs and highlight products with segmentation. 

Sales reps can easily manage quote building and invoicing with integrated pricing in efficy CRM. 




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