Save time while creating more valuable customer experiences.

Ditch the repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Keep your customers engaged and continuously moving toward the next conversion – even when you’re offline.

Act on behaviour.
Adapt your message by using dynamic behavioural data in real time.
Do more with less effort.
Gain key insights into how your audience interacts and seamlessly generate engaging content with the AI Assistant.
Target with precision.
Always reach the right people at the right time by connecting your automations to your customer profiles.

Automate every customer journey.

Guide your customers toward the next conversion with real-time data from your audience to create personalised and unique customer experiences.



  • Build stronger customer relationships.

    Create a great impression from your first “hello”. Automatically follow up on their first activity and let the AI Assistant help you create meaningful messages to strengthen your relationship.

    • Welcome subscriber
      Welcome at every stage of the customer journey. Create brand awareness, educate on your offering and guide new audiences closer to conversion.
    • Newsletter signup
      Start your relationship off on the right foot with an automated welcome message straight after opt-in.
    • Download follow-up
      Turn every resource download into a hot lead with automated follow-up emails that bring them closer to purchase. 
  • Increase loyalty, reduce churn.

    Say goodbye to small talk. Use real-time data to create personalised interactions that increase loyalty, prevent churn, and enable business growth.

    • Post-purchase experiences
      The customer journey doesn’t end at purchase. Inspire, cross-sell, upsell, and stay top of mind with post-purchase communications.
    • Customer onboarding
      Get your customers off to an easy start with your products or services with a series of informative onboarding communications.
    • Customer reactivation
      After a time of inactivity, reactivate dormant customers or accounts with offers and inspirational content they can’t refuse.
    • Nurture valuable customers
      Score your customers to engage and retain your high-value clientele with exclusive VIP offers.
    • Celebrate customers and achievements
      Engage with timely offers on your customers’ birthdays, customer-brand anniversaries, or acknowledge user achievements. 
  • Sell more, do less.

    Recover shoppers and leads before they abandon their purchase. Use automation to reignite interest, strengthen engagement and increase sales.

    • Abandoned carts and browses
      Recover up to 20% of lost sales by reminding your visitors to return to the products they’ve browsed or added to cart.
    • Back in stock
      Follow up on visitors that browsed an out-of-stock item to let them know that it’s back in stock.
    • Nurture to purchase
      Score your customer profiles on achievements and nurture them with relevant communication throughout the sales funnel.
    • Upsell & Cross-sell
      Use purchases, page re-visits or abandoned carts to trigger cross-sell and upselling opportunities

Grow your business with the right plan.

Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or want to personalise every customer journey, there’s a plan for you. 

All our marketing plans include:
Forms and Landing pages
Email marketing
Free support

Customise every step of the customer journey.

Tailor each automated journey to your customers’ needs and behaviours.


  • Activate each journey based on your choice of customer data.

    • Events and actions
      Trigger automated flows based on purchases, forms, email behaviour, profile activity and more. 
    • Specific dates
      Launch campaigns on personal data such as a birthday, anniversary, start date or last day of activity.
    • Profile attributes
      Automatically redirect profiles to another marketing automation flow based on actions and attributes.
    • Profile Segment data
      Automatically remove or add profiles to a flow as the profile enters into a new audience segment.


  • Decide the next action for your profiles to ensure a personalised experience.


    • Automated emails
      Send timely emails that align with profiles’ expressed behaviour and interests.
    • Automated SMS
      Personalise the customer experience by adding SMS to your automated campaigns.
    • Add webhook
      Transfer data from other sources to add personalisation to a customer’s journey.
    • Share profiles
      Send automated email notifications to relevant stakeholders in your organisation. 
  • Add conditions to further boost the customer experience and streamline your workflows.


    • Perfect timing
      Set timers, alerts, and timeframes for delivering your message at the perfect moment.
    • Split testing
      Split test different paths in your automated flows to find out which journey produces better results.
    • Connect your flows
      Scale up your efforts by connecting two separate marketing automation flows into one.
    • Customise the journey
      Divide your customer into different automated flows based on behavioural and demographic data. 



Create more impact – automatically.