efficy Marketing AI Assistant

Unlock your creativity and save hours each week. Let the AI Assistant do the work to ideate, create, and refine your newsletters like a true email pro.

  • Gen-AI specialised in Email Marketing
  • Multi-language capabilities  
  • Secure and compliant  

Empower your creativity — perfect your newsletters. 

Say goodbye to blank page anxiety. The AI Assistant is trained in Email Marketing, ready to kickstart your ideation and generate professional newsletters that “wow”.

Want to increase your open rate? Simply click to create attention-grabbing, optimised subject lines and preheaders.

Feeling stuck on existing text? Let the AI Assistant rephrase, shorten, and summarise it, guiding you on what works to drive your emails’ success. 

Save time and resources.

Increase your efficiency up to 10x with the efficy Marketing AI Assistant. In minutes, our AI email marketing tool creates and polishes your content for you, seamlessly adapting it for different segments.

By freeing up your time, you can keep your focus on what really matters — connecting with your customers. 

Stay confident with a secure and compliant AI tool.

More and more marketers use AI — yet most AI tools pose risks for data security and privacy.

With the AI Assistant, gain peace of mind that your prompt data will never be shared, stored, or used to train future AI models.  

We ensure your data stays safe in the EU and fully compliant with the GDPR and EU AI directive. 



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