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CRM Price, How Much Does It Cost to Implement a CRM?

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On 20 July 1969, what was a dream come true for many: for the first time a person stepped on the moon. 

For this to be possible, one of the world's most powerful countries had to put some of the leading engineers in their sectors to work and spend more than $23.6 billion. 

To put this in perspective, this figure brought to our days would represent some 105 billion euros, which is 25% more than what Spain spend on health care every year. 

Despite these dizzying figures, according to some studies, the mobile phone in your pocket has 100,000 times more processing capacity than the computers that took man to the moon. 

The only reason this is possible is because, over time, technology becomes cheaper, more accessible and more democratic. 

And that is exactly what has happened with CRMs. 

The first CRM software to be created was very expensive and only available to the largest companies with the biggest budgets. 

However, as time has passed, prices have fallen until today any company can afford the CRM price. 

This has been seen in the number of companies that have a CRM in Spain today. 


Examples of businesses that use a CRM

However, it is one thing to have a CRM for all pockets and quite another to have them all cost the same.

What is the CRM price?

The only possible answer to this question is one: 

It depends. 

It depends on whether it is a very simple CRM with few functions or a super-complex tool with many possibilities. 

It also depends on whether it is a CRM that runs on your own computer and consumes your resources or whether it runs in the cloud. 

And it depends on whether it is a generic CRM or a custom development for that project. 

As you can see, there are many "depends" and based on these factors and many others, a CRM can have one price or another. 

To give you an approximate range, I would say that most CRMs range from 15 euros per user, the simplest, to more than 100 euros per user, depending on some factors and others.

CRM price is not the only thing that determines the cost.

Although when we think of the cost of implementing a CRM in our company we think almost exclusively of money, there are other factors that are also very important and we have to take into account:

  • The implementation
  • Fitting in with the company
  • Staff training

The implementation.

From the moment you decide to have a CRM until it is up and running in your company, you have to spend time deciding which tool to use, extracting all the data you are going to dump into the software and uploading all that information into the CRM. 

You have to configure the access to the staff and also make sure they use it. 

All these steps have a cost in money and effort that you have to take into account.

The fit with the company.

Not just any CRM is useful and valid for any company, and the cost of finding the right tools for you, and having someone from your staff try out the different alternatives to make sure you find the right one, should also be taken into account.

Staff training.

Finally, it is of little use to have the perfect tool well implemented in your company if the people who have to use it do not know very well how to use it in their day to day. 

The cost of training your staff is also important.

So what is the CRM price you should pay in your company?

Well, as we said at the beginning, it depends. 

However, if I can give you an advance: 

At efficy, we make sure that the cost of implementing the tool is minimal. 

And that is why we adapt our tool to your needs, help you implement it and train your staff in its use. 

Knowing this, the best way for us to tell you the economic CRM price that best suits your needs is for us to talk and advise you. 

You can request it by clicking on the button below. 



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