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Digital POS; giant, connected screens; smart fitting rooms; etc. There was excitement aplenty at Retail’s Big Show in New York, hosted by the National Retail Federation (NRF), which has just ended. As one of the most important events of the year for innovation, this Show showcases new trends, and has highlighted how customer experience has become one of the top priorities for distributors, one of the top sales strategies. This is a key challenge, particularly in view of the fact that 4 in every 10 consumers hate going shopping¹.
Let’s take a look at some of the solutions available today to enrich user experience…

Technological innovation, for an ever-greater user experience

According to a study carried out by Capgemini Consulting, consumers struggle to find the products they want (65%) and to compare them (71%). There are plenty of technological innovations to assist them in this.

Augmented reality is more topical than ever, letting you test products before you buy them. This is a key element for 70% consumers². This phenomenon, greatly popularized by Pokémon Go, is now available to all. Have you ever dreamed of seeing what a couch might look like in your living room before buying it? Today you can, thanks to Ikea’s 3D Rendering app. Ray-Ban’s website lets you try on sunglasses or eyeglasses virtually. Retail has introduced smart mirrors, a new type of mirror which offers a connected fitting room experience, which, among other things, lets you take a photo of yourself or see available sizes and colors. This is to say, enhanced reality greatly improves customer experience.
All of this is well and good, but digital transformation pushes the envelope even further! Take chatbots, for example. Have you ever heard about them? These conversation robots let you talk with an application: they answer your questions, offer advice, or even book a table for you at the restaurant or get flowers delivered for you. Chatbots seem set for a busy future. But watch out. Be careful with what makes a great chatbot?

Leveraging emotions to make the experience memorable

We need to remember that emotions influence 60% of all purchases and that the stronger the emotions, the more memorable the purchase becomes. This is why some brands place emphasis on experiential marketing, with very theatrical POS or product displays. This, for example, is what Abercrombie & Fitch have done, whose stores offer a genuine sensory experience (heavily scented fragrance, loud background music, very subdued lighting); or Orangina, which launched a shakable dispenser for mixing the drink; or SubliMotion, the most expensive restaurant in the world which stimulates the senses in a way never-seen-before. If you had an experience like this, it is safe to say that you would remember it for a while!


What levers do you use (or would you like to use) to enrich your customer experience? Tell us all about it!

¹ Capgemini Consulting Survey – « Making the Digital Connection : Why physical retail stores need a reboot »

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CRM & Shop CRM Case study Customer experience Emotion Retail industry
Enriching customer experience
Enriching customer experience