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In the middle of digitalizing its business, Wilink was looking for a tool to centralize all customer interactions in one place to provide a 360-degree view of this customer relationship. Wilink is a Belgian company working in the brokerage industry, which offers tailor-made solutions for individuals and businesses in the fields of insurance, investments, real estate and mortgage credit. 

The company employs 350 people across 22 points of sale and prides itself on having around 100,000 customers that it helps choose and manage their insurance, and optimize their assets by offering advice on investments such as real estate, to give just one example. 

The CRM project began in 2017 and has been ongoing since 2018. Since then, the company has never stopped working with efficy’s staff and its own teams within the company to improve their version of efficy CRM to better meet the needs of all stakeholders.

  • Thierry Gravet Wilink

    "Before efficy CRM came on board, customer knowledge was pretty vague in the minds of sales representatives and we didn’t have this single view of the customer" 

Wilink and efficy, a long term partnership relationship.

Thierry Gravet, Digital & Customer Operations Director at Wilink, explains,

“efficy CRM is very important in assisting sales staff who are part of different business units in carrying out cross-selling to all of the group’s customers.

If we take, for example, independent customers who come to us for an individual pension plan, our salespeople can also propose other products from our portfolio. 

This helps Wilink increase its organic growth significantly. It would be impossible without a CRM.”

Varied integration with efficy and regular developments to create value for sales teams.

There is a great deal of integration between efficy and Wilink tools to provide a central memory for the company. For example, efficy CRM links with the Brio application for managing insurance contracts and with other digital and insurance tools such as MIFID.

As Thierry demonstrates: “For example, when analyzing a customer’s risk profile, the MIFID form is completed by it and it is directly reintegrated into the efficy CRM customer file, which improves our customer profiling”.

According to Thierry Gravet, developing the solution to best suit Wilink’s needs is key.

“In four years, we have already made two major upgrades. It is important for us to stay close to the latest versions. The aim is to gradually bring value to sales staff in their everyday work. That’s how we can see it works and the sales teams best use the CRM because they know that it helps them with their tasks and targets.”

To keep on improving the CRM at Wilink, the next step is to capitalize on the dashboards and link to the marketing automation tool used internally.

Centralized, standardized customer knowledge.

“Before efficy CRM came on board, customer knowledge was pretty vague in the minds of sales representatives and we didn’t have this single view of the customer”, explains Thierry Gravet.

250 users use efficy CRM every day and they mainly go through three services: Sales and Distribution staff (Account Managers and Sales Manager), Marketing staff, and Experts and Product Managers.

“We needed to centralize customer knowledge to promote information exchange and, ultimately, support the customer and offer them advice on all their needs.” says someone who manages the CRM for the company every day.

Resistance to change is gradually disappearing thanks to the work of Sales Managers.

At the beginning of CRM implementation, there was some resistance to change and, to combat this, Wilink decided to use two strategies.

Firstly, they organized coaching and support sessions with an internal CRM team. Secondly, the role of Sales Managers, who are part of middle management, was essential to encourage take-up by their teams.

In short, it is often about agency managers; when the latter understand the added value CRM provides, the support for it among their direct reports also increases.

A new Customer Success Executive.

The arrival of a Customer Success Executive at efficy was a real boost for the sustainability of the partnership.

At Wilink, they now receive regular support from a Customer Success Executive, who is there to better monitor and steer the company towards use that is an even better fit with their business.

“This trust relationship, which was already there but is strengthened by the arrival of this new actor at efficy, helps us see the continuity of the partnership with efficy more clearly,” concludes Thierry Gravet.

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  • Wim de Saegher Vanbreda

    "In fact, we didn't have to choose between "buy or build" thanks to the flexibility of efficy CRM we got "buy and build" 

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    "All our contracts, claims and policy holder documents are in efficy CRM. It is very easy to find information"

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    "The new system will enable everyone who is in contact with a client to have a 360° view of them."


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