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28 Topics for Sales Emails That Encourage Your Prospects

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The best sales email topics are creative, compelling, and informative without saying too much. A good topic that gets people interested is what makes the difference, what makes your prospect open or ignore an email. 

Just as an office manager can prevent a salesperson from talking to the manager or decision-maker, the subject of a sales email can prevent a prospect from opening it.

What makes a good topic for a sales email?

The best topics in sales emails are creative, arouse interest and inform without revealing everything. Writing a creative subject is not an easy task, which is why we have collected 28 compelling sales email topics for different situations. 

Adapt them for your own use and you will see your opening and response rates take off. 

28 of the best email sales topics

1) A question about [the objective].

What is the question? You will need to open the email to find out.

2) [The name of a mutual acquaintance] recommended that I contact you.

Few things are more powerful than a benchmark. If you share an acquaintance with your prospect, be sure to include their name in the subject line of your email. The more your prospects trust your reference, the more convincing your email will be.

3) Our next steps

Use this topic to follow up after a first contact or to catch up with a prospect who not very active anymore.

4) Do not open this email

If you've ever spent time with a young child, you know that telling someone not to do something tends to encourage this behavior. Reverse psychology to win. 

Topics for sales emails 


Sujet pour un email de vente


5) X options to get started

Place a few points regarding the start of your relationship in the body of the email (a one-time offer, a phone call, an upgrade for current customers, etc.), and you will reach your goal.

6) Hello [name], [question]?

Questions provoke answers. Emails whose subject line contains questions provoke openings and responses.

7) Should I stay or should I leave?

If you have not yet heard from a prospect, use the subject of this email and accompany it with an ingenious breakup.

8) Did you know about this [subject of interest]?

Offering useful advice or statistics on a topic that interests your prospect strengthens your credibility and gets the conversation started.

9) Did you find what you were looking for?

Use it for prospects or visitors to your website. Obviously, they are looking for help to solve a problem. Ask them how you can help them.

10) The capital question of capital letters

Many people use capital letters to write their emails. In this perspective, an all-caps e-mail, in capital letters, will stand out.

11) I hope to be useful to you. Did you hear?

The days of "I'm closed forever" are over. Good salespeople today are "Help forever" people. Put yourself in this state of mind in front of your prospects, they will appreciate the gesture and see it as a will to serve them.

12) A [benefit] for [your prospect's business]

Here are some examples of what it might look like in practice:

  • A new human resources strategy for Company A.
  • A record profit for Organization Y.
  • 25,000 savings for ABC Group.

In these examples, we find a specific customer benefit and a personalized email subject. Here you can use any question or phrase that will appeal to your customer.

13) X tips / ideas for [pain point]

People love numbered lists. Include a number in the subject line of your email to increase interest.

14) Where is the love?

If your prospect has disappeared and doesn’t answer you anymore, use this subject line to put a bit of humor into the situation. With a bit of luck, you will get a smile on your prospect's face. 

This topic, suggested by a salesperson, strikes on two fronts:

  1. The subject of the email is intriguing
  2. e or she is human

If you know your prospect is facing difficulties and challenges, share how others have overcome a similar problem.

16) Do I have your permission to close your file/case?

The subject of this disruptive email puts the responsibility of your prospect in action. Whether he or she responds or not, you will know where he is with his buying thinking/process.

17) Cooled? Like baby panda?

Come on! Who doesn't love baby panda? This topic will prompt your prospect to open the message, where they will find an adorable video of pandas playing or a GIF of a sneezing baby panda (choose your poison). Again, humor can strike.

18) Idea for [a subject that interests your prospect]

A free idea? Of course, I would love to know it * click *. 


les problèmes liés à la vente par email

19) I found you thanks to [a common contact].

Like idea # 2, don't underestimate the power of references in the subject line of an email. This subject has reached an amazing opening rate of 88.6% according to LeadGenius

20) In case you change your mind about your partnership with [your company]

Break the radio silence by putting “pressure/responsibility” on your prospect.

21) 10 minutes - [a date]

Short, easy and precise. If you can continue this same style in the body of the sales email, your response flow will soar.

22) We have [a fact] in common...

Spend five minutes browsing your LinkedIn or Facebook contact profiles. I bet you will find at least one thing in common... It could be a sports club or a devouring passion for spaghetti.

23) A 3-step plan for your busy week

As you know your client quite well (you will not be reminded of the benefits of the persona), you know his or her suffering points. Thus, list them in the body of the email and give short, practical tips on how to overcome them the following week.

24) [Name of prospect], I think you're going to like these blogs...

Indicate the blog name in the subject of the message, and fill the body of the message with the content he or she needs. It's a great way to test the alienation or complete disconnection of a prospect who shows no signs of life.

25) I like everything in this email

Use this sentence in your own business and people will be tempted to open the email. In the body of the email, don't forget to include a joke on the subject's exaggeration with a line like: "Ok, so my boss said that, but ..."

26) Nice to meet you, [name of prospect]!

When they download content or visit your pricing page, let your prospect know that you understand their interest and that you're happy to finally be in touch with them.

27) Do you feel [an emotion]? Let me help you

Identify market events in your prospect's industry. Are you “attacking” e-commerce marketers in the busy weeks leading up to Black Friday? Try "Do you feel stressed? Let me help you". Then share how your product or service can solve their problems.

28) 3-weekend ideas for you

Are you trying to reignite the conversation with a very valuable prospect? Find some activities to do in your city this weekend and send them to him or her. 

Now that you have a clear idea of what type of sales email you can send, you can move on to the steps you need to take to succeed in your prospecting efforts for your business. We hope you find it useful, as it has been for us. 

One more thing: 

Close your business email with a sales sentence that reflects the promise you are offering. This will allow you to gain the trust of your potential client and establish a relationship that will last over time. 

But do that with a CRM, like efficy! 

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