efficy acquires the French CRM solution Vente Partner.

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The Belgian CRM leader reinforces its presence on the French market.

Brussels, June 6th 2017 – efficy SA, the Belgian CRM leader, acquired its French counterpart Vente Partner. This merger will allow efficy to increase its presence and French market share. Thanks to this merger, efficy will benefit from the know-how of Vente Partner, active since 1989. On its side, Vente Partner will keep on with its activity in France and benefit from efficy’s cloud solutions. Thanks to this acquisition, efficy now stands among the biggest CRM suppliers in France. Eventually, efficy aims to be one of the top CRM solution suppliers on the French market.

«We could not think of a better partner. We are very similar in terms of size and technical compatibility, but also in terms of vision and corporate culture», says Cédric Pierrard, efficy CEO. «Vente Partner is a historical and important player on the French CRM market. Their two products are very flexible and easy to use. In addition, Vente Partner has a large client portfolio. Finally, Vente Partner is also a pioneer with more than 20 years of experience and expertise », Cédric Pierrard adds.

For Vente Partner, this merger is a new and significant step. «Thanks to efficy, we will benefit from the European growth in our market», explains Philippe Duquaire, CEO of Vente Partner. «Then, it also means we will be able to sell the cloud version of our products faster, which is key when we offer a complete solution to our customers

After the acquisition, the two companies will focus on the development of the cloud version of Vente Partner’s CRM solution. This version will rely on the existing architecture of efficy, which will enable the development to be done by the beginning of autumn 2017.

Be stronger on the Cloud.

«We want to maintain the existence of our CRM features, but to make them more easily accessible thanks to the Cloud», emphasizes Philippe Duquaire. «In the past, Vente Partner chose not to develop its product online, so that we now have to catch up by focusing on the Cloud. Our merger with efficy will help us grow in that direction

The portfolio of Vente Partner in France will remain unchanged but will, from now on, offer the products and features of efficy. The current owners of Vente Partner will remain active in the company after the merger. The current team of 10 employees will continue to work in an autonomous way until the end of 2017. Next year, the two companies will be merged, and efficy France will then manage 22 employees.

Concretely, efficy acquires all the shares of SA Desico (owner of Vente Partner). With this acquisition, efficy would like to target a turnover of 3 to 3,5 million euros in France, a situation that will propel the company to the top 5 of independent CRM solution providers in the country. Eventually, efficy would like to come first in the ranking.

Fly over the 2.000 customer line.

With the acquisition of Vente Partner, efficy’s customer portfolio rises by 20 % and crosses the 2000 customers line. The company aims to reach a global turnover of 13 million euros in 2017. « We still keep on looking for companies that would share our vision in order to crystalize our euro-centric strategy. In that aim, we can build a product portfolio that would suit local needs, to provide our clients with an added-value offer.»

The acquisition of Vente Partner is the last one of a large series for efficy. In France only, efficy has acquired four companies, among which Venter Partner is the largest one. Cédric Pierrard does not rule out additional upcoming acquisitions. «We would like to keep on with our growth. In France and in the Netherlands to start with, but we would like to widen our horizon later on