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Founded in 1703, the Brussels Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest Chambers on the European Continent. 

Housed in the smart Avenue Louise shopping district, the Brussels Chamber successfully caters for over 3,000 companies and organizations based in the Brussels region. 

BECI is a private organization, which is paid by companies, with very little public funding.

  • Olivier Willocx BECI

    "efficy CRM gives us a better traceability and a better follow-up in the management of the activity"

Why a Chamber of Commerce has to use a CRM?

An ICC must be in touch with its members, it must understand what its customers want, what it has done for them and be able to measure it. For example, when Olivier Willocx installed the CRM at BECI, at the time it did not have a precise and detailed vision of its activity for companies. The Brussels Chamber of Commerce did not know what it was doing in detail for each company in its fold. 

De facto, the feeling of corporate clients was mixed about BECI as Olivier said: “Some companies told us”The ICC is useless”. But we were unable to say “But yes, we did this, that and that again for you …”. 

Following the installation of CRM, I decided to put my phone number on calls for contributions, saying: “You want to know what we did for you? Contact me, here is my direct line”. What is interesting is that many companies contacted me asking me “Did you really do something for us?”. And actually, they didn’t know that many actions had been done. 

The first call was an American company with 21 lines of actions made for them (social law, tax …). The second company had 11 actions done just for them. As a result, these companies told me: “We were absolutely unaware of everything that had been done for us, so your contribution is not expensive”. 

What were the initial needs?

The initial objectives of the Brussels Chamber of Commerce were to understand what it was doing for its customers, but also to share and store information in the structure. But BECI did not just want to justify the actions taken with the companies, but also to redefine a global strategy For Willocx the results are concrete:

“What efficy CRM has allowed us to do? This is a doubling of our turnover in 10 years, while our Chamber of Commerce was over 300 years old. The IT department was in the process of setting up technological bricks, such as an EBS (Business Bus Service), a workflow tool… and therefore the idea of ​​having a CRM was imposed naturally.

Why did you choose efficy CRM?

BECI initially placed its trust in a small local company. For Olivier the efficy team was a bit crazy. “They explained that their software did everything. But when someone explains to me that it does everything, it scares me a bit… But looking back, it’s true that efficy CRM did everything! 

It made us grow, it made us successful, even if at the beginning I found it difficult to understand the language of computer scientists. I was heavily involved at the beginning to better understand what we could do with it. 

Because when you want to drive a transformation in a company, it is mandatory that top management is involved and that he knows what he can do with the solution. CRM is not a tool that must be left in the hands of the IT department. 

Besides, it’s simple, with efficy CRM we no longer have an IT department.”


What are the changes that efficy CRM has done for your organization?

CRM has changed almost everything in the organization of BECI: 

  • their external communication has been modernized, with a follow-up of emailings (clickers, openers …), which allows to send targeted information according to their centers of interest, 
  • KPIs have been redefined, for example for individual annual objectives for employees… 

Olivier Willocx concluded with these words “efficy CRM gives us a better traceability and a better follow-up in the management of the activity. This is important in a world in full Uberization and Googlelization. 

We are always very critical of the models that we have put in place, even if in the end we realize that we are always in the top of the class. 

«We are also regularly invited to explain how BECI works. But we are never happy with ourselves, every time we put pressure on efficy to go further.»

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  • Catherine Jansen

    "efficy CRM reporting is highly appreciated by our employees" 

  • Benoit Speybroeck Belfius

    "The new system will enable everyone who is in contact with a client to have a 360° view of them."

  • Arnaud Garnier BNP Paribas

    "efficy CRM in a nutshell: peace of mind. We have reached our cruising speed. efficy has grown a lot over the last few years, it is a genuine partnership."


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