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INRAE brings innovation to its partner relationship management.

INRAE, ex INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research, is the number one agricultural research institute in Europe and second in the world in agricultural science. Its activity covers a large spectrum across the domain of cognitive research, from biology and fundamental ecology to practical applications in agriculture, the food industry, and the environment. 

It relies on the diversity and the excellence of its working community: researchers, engineers, and technicians, active in the research itself as well as supporting research by others. In order to achieve its goals, the institute interacts with numerous partners in France and abroad: universities and colleges; research institutions; companies; local government; civil society; etc. The form, content, and goals of these partnerships vary. 

They can concern: carrying out joint research activities; financing scientific projects; communicating results; sharing material or financial means or institutional cooperation; achieving coordination in certain domains, etc.

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The choice of efficy CRM.

In order to equip the INRAE with an efficient information management system covering all the domains of partnership, transfer and innovation, we opted for a CRM technology. 

The INRAE and its environment is a rich and complex ecosystem of partnerships between internal and external actors. INRAE clearly needed a collaborative, very customizable software, which would be adapted to the needs of the different actors and would secure the management of dematerialized data. 

This large-scale project will provide better coordination between internal and external actors for a more efficient follow-up on projects and contracts. The aim is to reinforce the management capacities of the Institute. This CRM project involves no less than 1,500 users.

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