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CRM for the beverage distributor

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As a beverage distributor you have two hats: the one of the customer and the one of the supplier. Two roles that are inextricably linked to your activity, but require a complex follow-up of purchasing, demand and distribution. A flexible CRM solution is therefore essential to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The roles of the beverage distributor

A beverage distributor is simply the intermediary who, in response to the demand and the supply, is to build up the largest possible customer base. This can be both B2B and B2C and in practice this is often both.

The roles of the beverage distributor

In the first place, the beverage distributor is himself a customer. After all, he must be able to offer a nice range of drinks to its customers. The beverage distributor must enter the market for this. The questions to answer are: what is available, what is the price, delivery time, with which suppliers good deals can be concluded... All these different suppliers of drinks in different categories can best be kept up to date in a flexible CRM solution. Why specifically flexible? Because the product range, prices and delivery times are constantly changing. A flexible CRM solution allows you to make these adjustments without problems, whereby adjustments are no longer possible in a less flexible CRM solution.

The role of the supplier

But how does a beverage distributor know what to buy. As a supplier it is important to know your customers. The better customer knowledge you have, the better you can match the assortment with the wishes of the customer and therefore, you can purchase more specifically from your suppliers. Is there more demand for beer? Then you know that you do not have to buy soft drinks or spirits from your suppliers. A flexible CRM solution, not only allows you to store the basic data of your (regular) customers, but also to link the products they purchase, the quantity and frequency. In this way you obtain a 360 ° customer view and you can optimize the customer journey.

A flexible CRM solution connects the customers with the catalog

A flexible CRM solution connects the customers with the catalog. It means the customer data in the CRM solution on the one hand, the full range, and the product catalog, in the CRM solution on the other. A flexible CRM solution can do that extra work for you so that you stay ahead of the competition.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), a Flexible CRM solution will create the link between the demand (the customer) and the supply (the products) in the CRM. On the one hand, the data that is collected from the customer can be sent in order to create a perfect customer-oriented offer, and on the other hand, the CRM can propose which products you should order from your suppliers. Conversely, this also works. Thanks to the customer data, a flexible CRM solution can also propose related products that the customer might also like, making upselling possible.

CRM as the beverage distributor's enginer

The time that you as a beverage distributor had to keep up and lost in efficiency with the inventory manually is over. Thanks to a flexible CRM solution, you are able to seamlessly match supply and demand, improve the customer experience and introduce the customer to new products based on suggestions made via AI. One of the largest beverage distributors in Belgium, Corsendonk, has been working with a CRM solution for years to make their activities more efficient and to stay ahead of the competition. It is therefore clear to them where they make the difference.

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