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CRM Call Center: The Key to Call Management

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It's not the nicest thing in the world for someone to call you from a call center while you're eating, working or trying to take a nap. 

However, companies still do it, why? 

Simply because the use of CRM Call Center works. 

It is a super effective tool... at least when used well.

What is a Call Center for?

Call Centers have been created with really imaginative functions, but, essentially, they are used for two things 

To sell: 

As a telemarketing tool with which to contact the databases of possible clients that we have. 

For customer service: 

Both for receiving calls and for the most effective management of customer communications received by other means. 

Do you know what these two areas have in common? 

To do a job well, they need a tool that makes available all customer data, previous communications, offers, etc... 

And the best tool to achieve this is a CRM Call Center. 

However, according to a study by the IT consultancy firm IT Dimension Data, 40% of call centers still do not have any analysis tool. 


CRM Call Center

In this article, I will explain why all these Call Centers are making a serious mistake and why they should start using CRM software today.

Advantages of using a CRM Call Center.

Using a CRM Call Center gives you 5 advantages over those who do not:

  1. Operators work faster.
  2. They have shorter waiting times.
  3. They solve more incidents or sales calls.
  4. They train new operators faster.
  5. They create reports and get better and easier feedback.

Operators work faster 

From the moment an operator picks up the phone, thanks to a CRM Call Center he has all the customer's information before his eyes, everything that his colleagues have discussed with him and all the offers he can offer.


And as the conversation progresses, you can record new information on your file as you go along. 

Having all this centralised and just a click away shortens time dramatically and allows operators to work much faster.

They have shorter waiting times.

By being able to access all the customer's information in an instant, whether it is the operator calling (in the case of call centers dedicated to sales) or the customer calling (in the case of call centers dedicated to customer service), the operator can talk faster to the person. 

This results in shorter waiting times for all the customers you contact.

Resolve more incidents or sales calls.

Whether the Call Center is dedicated to sales or customer service, as it has shorter waiting times and the operators can work faster, many more calls can be made in the same day. 

This is a virtuous circle: by covering more calls, waiting times are reduced, operators work faster, they can cover more calls, and start again.

Faster forms for new employees.

By centralizing the whole process in a tool like a CRM Call Center, with the development of user manuals as complete as possible of the same and call arguments, you can train a new operator in a few days instead of needing a couple of weeks. 

So, whether you are growing and need to add staff to your Call Center or it is a time of change and operators are rotating, the pace of the company will hardly be affected.

Create reports and get better and easier feedback.

With a CRM, all the information is centralised in one tool. Not only that of the customers, but also the exact numbers of each operator, of each line and of the total of the Call Center. 

Thanks to this, you can know how the results are going on the fly and generate reports with as much information as possible with just a few clicks.

The best CRM Call Center to do this is efficy.

If you want to start enjoying these advantages in your business, efficy's CRM solutions for Call Centers are your best option. 

The best proof of this is the more than 4,500 customers in more than 33 countries who already sell more thanks to our tool, including, of course, Call Centers, such as RATP. 

RATP is a key player in public transport in Paris and thanks to efficy in a Call Center with 80 agents manages over 1,000 calls and 350 emails a day. 


CRM for Call Center

If you also want to start selling more, ask for a demo. 

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