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CRM for Healthcare Professionals

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Laboratories, dispatchers, healthcare cooperation groupings, etc. – you all have a range of important tasks: enhancing sales; ensuring optimal product placement in stores; pharmacies and hospitals; conforming to regulations; analysing the profitability of your sales actions, following patients within a very regulated environment.

For all of this, efficy offers comprehensive and independent solutions.

Challenges of customer relationship in the healthcare sector

  • Ensuring impeccable consumer service
  • Having a 360° view of all their contacts
  • Accessing information even during visits
  • Launching marketing actions

Offering impeccable service to consumers

In the healthcare sector more than any other industry, you have to be especially responsive whenever there is a product recall or an issue with a service. An efficient customer service is one which can address the requests of your consumers and provide answers in a timely manner, regardless of the channel used by the customer, and in full compliance with current regulations.

An overall picture of your professional and personal contacts

The ecosystem of the healthcare industry covers a range of contacts: doctors; laboratories; pharmacies; healthcare cooperation groupings; etc.

With a CRM for the healthcare sector, all the contact information is centralised in the database. efficy CRM solutions are already adapted to your specific work environment and enable you to manage your “medical” and “non-medical” contacts, and to connect to external databases, etc.

Sales force optimisation

Our CRM for healthcare offers specific features to help healthcare professionals.

The different sales territories are managed automatically, sample requests are recorded directly in the database and your sales teams can track opportunities all the way through to the final order.

We speak the same language as you. Our CRM solutions for laboratories are very user-friendly, which fosters user-adoption.

Mobile tools for your mobile teams

Our CRM solutions assist your medical sales representatives in their visits.

They can work from their tablet, their smartphone or their PC: the responsive design of our CRM solution for healthcare means it is compatible with all of these devices. They can access customer data, sample offers, and/or their product catalogue wherever they are.

When they are traveling or have no access to Internet, medical sales representatives can update their data offline and synchronize them whenever they can access the network again. Not having access to the network will never again prevent them from carrying out their everyday tasks.