Social housing industry

This post was written by David Jiménez

In the real estate sector, perhaps more than any other, one of the best marketing actions you can perform is leveraging your existing Customer Relationship. Having loyal customers and strong relationships is essential for boosting your sales and lead generation. But how can this be achieved?

Optimise your Customer Relationship

1- Work in a structured way, and store all your data in the same place

Having multiple sources of leads is both a blessing and a curse. The entire real estate system is based on potential customers being able to get in touch easily with real estate agents in charge of selling or renting properties (houses, apartments, offices, boats, etc.). Of course, they do this through different channels. One of the most efficient ways to consolidate all this data in one place, and to be able to access it from anywhere, at any time, whether in the office or on the go via a smartphone or a tablet, is to have a CRM solution for real estate. How many potential customers did you miss simply by not answering them in time, or by forgetting their search criteria? The answer to this problem is a CRM solution!

2- Stay in touch with your customers

Smooth and fluid communication is the key to a good Customer Relationship. Even when your buyers or tenants have found the property of their dreams, keep in touch with them. Of course, do not bombard them with promotional emails. Rather send them personalized messages every now and again. Something along the lines of: “Hi Peter, it’s already been a year since you got the keys to your house. How are those barbecues going?”. This way, the customer will remember you and, in due course, will contact you again to buy a larger house, recommend you to a friend, etc. It’s a great way to improve customer experience, while building customer loyalty.

Save time and focus on your customers

3- Automate tasks and processes

By using a CRM solution for real estate, you can easily automate certain commercial, administrative and financial tasks, and share news with the entire network of agents, all with just a click! You can also set up automatic notifications whenever there are changes to your ads. Has the price of a house gone down? An automatic email is sent to customers who are looking for this type of property. Convenient, responsive and very business-oriented.

4- Be reactive, optimise your request management

Habitat du Nord, one of the major players of social housing in France, uses an Efficy CRM in a powerful way. It is used by their Customer Service department to centralise all customer requests, whether commercial, technical or social. It also enables the company to manage their dealings with suppliers and improve relations with tenants. What’s more, Habitat du Nord’s CRM solution is interfaced via sensors with connected objects (elevators or collective heating), and so provides real-time information should a problem arise.

5- Communicate with your teams

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by marketing information, customer data, multiple promotions, mass email campaigns, price changes and all the other aspects involved in real estate. With a CRM solution, your teams can work from a unified and centralized information system, and in real time.

CRM: a must for real estate!

Of course, there are many other advantages to using a CRM solution for real estate that we would be happy to present to you (get your demo!). By way of conclusion, here’s what a real estate agent working with a CRM solution thinks of it: “It’s pure gold for your Customer Relationship”.


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Social housing industry
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