CRM for Real Estate
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CRM for Real Estate

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Whether the buildings are private or public (social housing, etc.), those responsible for administering them have to address the many requests they receive from their tenants as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

Water leaks, electrical failure, an elevator which is out of order, etc. These requests need to be registered and classified, in order to identify the right providers, to monitor the progress of the works, etc.

In order to be available and be attentive to the needs of their tenants, property managers need an efficient and mobile tool.

The challenges of Customer Relationship in real estate

  • Enhancing tenant satisfaction
  • Improving the efficiency of local teams

Enhancing tenant relations in the field

efficy CRM is available on tablet and Smartphone. Building managers enter the requests in real-time, whether they are at home or working in one of their properties. They can add a photo to the request, make an appointment with the providers and send confirmations to the tenant directly from their mobile device.

This solution is also available for desktop computers to enable the headquarters, local governments or real estate agencies to have a global view of the tenant relations and provider actions.

Complying with GDPR

With our CRM solutions, all data regarding both tenants and real estate is secured:

  • data is purged on a regular basis, personal data is anonymised
  • a dictionary of banned words can be included
  • all data is hosted in Europe

Data analysis to improve communication

With efficy CRM, social landlords can generate statistics on the most frequently recurring requests, request turnaround times and their evolution, by building, by provider, etc.

Our CRM solution for real estate generates dashboards for managers so they can communicate to the public on the quality of the service provided.