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An Ecommerce CRM Will Help You Sell More in Your Online Shop

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In Spain, the B2C online market is constantly growing, and year after year, the increasing figures are crushing those of the previous year. 

The data from the Spanish Observatory of the economy and digital society confirms this once again in its 2019 report: 

Ecommerce up 32.4% to reach 41,509 million euros in turnover. 


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Precisely, for data as interesting as these, more and more eCommerce want to take your piece of the pie, and since 2008, which began to collect data from this study on online sales, if anything has grown more than sales on the web, is the competition. 

With this level of competition, if your shop has visitors, you've already done the hardest part; now let a CRM help you sell more and sell better to those who already want to buy from you.

How does an ecommerce CRM help me sell more and better?

There are 3 metrics in your online shop that you will radically improve as soon as you start using a CRM:

  1. Retention
  2. Recurrence
  3. Customer revival

More Retention in your online shop.

To buy the bread, almost everyone is loyal to the bakery underneath our house. It is close and comfortable. 

In the online world, everything is close and comfortable, and precisely for this reason, it costs us much less to change from one shop to another. 

With a good ecommerce CRM you will avoid that happening to you and get more loyal customers.

More recurrent sales to your customer base.

Most online shops have recurrence as one of their main business indicators. 

It is normal, once a customer is captured it is infinitely easier to sell to him than to a new customer. 

And to sell again to someone who has already bought from you, the best tool is a CRM.

Customer revival.

No matter how well you do your homework, some customers will start buying from another shop or simply stop buying the product you sell. 

Under normal conditions, these customers would be lost forever, but with a CRM you could reactivate them and get them to buy from you again. 

Thus, you will extend their life cycle and improve another of the most important metrics of your ecommerce: the Lifetime Value

As if this were not enough, starting to use an ecommerce CRM can give you even more:

  • You will be able to carry out marketing campaigns.
  • Make exclusive, personalised offers.
  • Prepare personalized reports with a few clicks.
  • Centralise all your customer data in a single tool.
  • Have a more effective management of the purchase cycle and the post-sale cycle.
  • In short, thanks to an ecommerce CRM will sell more and better.

The best ecommerce CRM to do this for you is efficy.

If you want to start enjoying these advantages in your business, efficy's CRM solutions are your best option. 

The best proof of this is the more than 4,500 clients in more than 33 countries who already sell more thanks to our tool. 

If you also want to start selling more, request a demo. 


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