With Efficy’s CRM solution, share your customer knowledge

In the transportation and logistics sector, as in other sectors, the customer is a valuable asset.

Transportation and logistics professionals have real needs in terms of sharing customer information, detecting and monitoring business opportunities, monitoring and handling complaints, etc. These are all major challenges for this sector.

With Efficy CRM’s specialised solutions for transportation, all these problems can be solved thanks to a simple and scalable tool.

The challenges of Customer Relationship Management in the transportation and logistics sector

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    Sharing business information
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    Increasing sales productivity
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    Managing customer complaints

Centralise your customer information

A CRM solution for transportation enables the company to centralise and share the information it has about customers or prospects. Your sales representatives will have a complete view of their contacts: customer activity (ship-owner, operator, logistics service provider, etc.); business volume, nature of activity (land, sea, rail, storage, courier, etc.); and sector (bulk, container, etc.).

Boost sales productivity

Transportation and logistics professionals are facing increased pressure on their margins. Detecting new opportunities and processing them correctly is essential.

Thanks to Efficy’s CRM solution for transportation, your sales team can avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks and focus instead on high value-added tasks. Thanks to its integrated document templates, for example, a quote can be prepared and sent with just a few clicks.

Monitor your business activity

Thanks to the integrated reporting tools of our solution (dashboards, etc.), managers can monitor the activity of their teams.

With our CRM for transportation, reports can be sent directly to managers’ inbox so performance is monitored in real-time.

Manage customer complaints

In the transportation, logistics and courier sector, customer complaints are a sensitive issue.

Thanks to our CRM solution for transportation, following up on customer complaints and processing them is fast and consistent.

Your advisors can answer first-level questions quickly and escalate them if necessary.

CRM references in the transportation industry

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