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CRM for Transport and Logistics

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Transportation and logistics professionals have real needs in terms of sharing customer information, detecting and monitoring business opportunities, monitoring and handling complaints, etc. These are all major challenges for this sector.

Promote cross-functionality and integration of the company’s different companies, businesses and activities to become customer-centric. The CRM accompanies the reconfiguration of your organization so that each actor in the company is customer value oriented. The company’s growth now depends more on the customer value chain than on the industrial value.

The challenges of Customer Relationship Management in the transportation and logistics sector

  • Sharing business information
  • Increasing sales productivity
  • Managing customer complaints
  • 360° vision of its customer relationship
  • Structuring the sales approach
  • Consolidate your IS and business tools

Centralise your customer information

A CRM solution for transportation enables the company to centralise and share the information it has about customers or prospects. Your sales representatives will have a complete view of their contacts: customer activity (ship-owner, operator, logistics service provider, etc.); business volume, nature of activity (land, sea, rail, storage, courier, etc.); and sector (bulk, container, etc.).

Thanks to the transport CRM, they integrate their business tools such as their TMS or WMS to consolidate customer data in order to gain in reactivity, satisfaction and development.

You have a module specially designed to manage incidents – claims – disputes. Automate the handling of your requests by email or via the customer portal. Manage your incident queues and automatic responses. Manage the performance of your after-sales service.

CRM for transportation companies

Boost sales productivity

Transportation and logistics professionals are facing increased pressure on their margins. Detecting new opportunities and processing them correctly is essential.

Thanks to customer knowledge, the marketing department can create segmented targets and program emailing and phoning campaigns in a few seconds. The marketing and marketing automation modules allow you to detect new opportunities and create loyalty campaigns. Script your marketing process, score your leads, qualify them and pass them on to your sales staff.

Sales people have full control over their portfolio and have all the mobile tools they need to build loyalty and develop it. Segment your customers, define your objectives, manage your contracts. Give them the means to manage their performance and to follow each account. Everyone manages their territory and their customers. Marketing directly transmits new leads that sales people process. Automate follow-ups, contacts, end of contract reminders.

Monitor your business activity

Thanks to the integrated reporting tools of our solution (dashboards, etc.), managers can monitor the activity of their teams. Also you have complete control over your salespeople’s portfolios (sedentary and field). You know exactly what opportunities you have received, won, lost and their value. But you also know the actions taken: emails, calls, remote customer follow-ups, on-site appointments, quotes sent, reminders produced. You can quickly measure the efforts made and the sales figures generated.

With our CRM for transportation, reports can be sent directly to managers’ inbox so performance is monitored in real-time.

Manage customer complaints

In the transportation, logistics and courier sector, customer complaints are a sensitive issue.

Thanks to our CRM solution for transportation, following up on customer complaints and processing them is fast and consistent.

Your advisors can answer first-level questions quickly and escalate them if necessary.

Integrate your CRM with your business environment

The efficy solution interfaces with your business software for simple and intelligent use by your employees. ERP, TMS, Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 … You centralize information and customer interactions in your repository. Complete your prospecting tools with our Corporama and Ellisphere integrations. Try it now!