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Geneva Tourism & Conventions relies on efficy CRM.

The mission of the Genève Tourisme et Congrès is to promote and sell Geneva as a center for tourism, leisure and commerce.

Choosing the efficy CRM solution.

The foundation uses efficy CRM in conjunction with QlikView and also takes advantage of it to optimize the marketing of tourism activities. 

Qlikview allows to track the impact of tourism activities on the city of Geneva, compare tourism activities in Geneva and other Swiss destinations, characterize relationships between economic partners, manage a range of tourist attractions (concerts, exhibitions, festivals, sports events…), implement multi-channel marketing campaigns based on customer preferences for leisure and business.

When coupled with efficy CRM, QlikView extracts, integrates and interprets a wealth of data related to the hospitality industry. 

Thanks to this tool, the Genève Tourisme et Congrès is now able to offer customized products and packages.

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