Vivest is a social housing company, a subsidiary of the Action Logement Group, which contributes to the development of housing in Lorraine.

Created in 1962, its mission is to offer attractive and accessible housing to as many people as possible.

It was created from the merger of Logiest and Société Lorraine d’Habitat on 1 July 2021.

Vivest represents 23,000 homes in Alsace and Lorraine, 350 employees and more than 200 new homes delivered each year.

  •  «For Vivest, customer relations are just as important as the vacancy rate or the rate of unpaid rent. Thanks to the efficy group's CRM solution, we now have a better knowledge of our customers, sectors and the state of the stock.»

Customer Relations at the heart of the company's strategy.

A few years ago, we were focused on building new homes. Today, the strategy has evolved: Customer Relations is as important as the vacancy rate or the rate of unpaid rent! So, obviously, we needed a CRM software.

A call for tenders was launched with AMO (project management assistance). And, we chose to deploy efficy CRM in 2017. It’s the tool that best met our needs: it’s ergonomic, allows complete tracking of interactions and offers integrated marketing features. And, what’s more, with a good price positioning.

After 8 months of development, several scoping workshops and training sessions, the CRM helps us manage our relationships with our customers and service providers.

Several audiences for one challenge: customer satisfaction:

  • On the customer side

We have a Customer Relations Center that handles all calls and responds to requests based on workflows and the knowledge base linked to the CRM.

We also have a mobile application and an extranet that allow our customers to contact us at any time.

And, of course, all our communication tools are synchronized with the CRM.

Major advantage: all the history is centralized in a single tool. A 360° view that is very practical for the CRC, housing consultants, branch managers, etc.

  • On the service provider side

We use efficy CRM to manage our relationship with our service providers. We contact them and receive their response directly in the tool. We can qualify complaints and detect anomalies.

Finally, we use CRM to evaluate our service providers, while analyzing the real feelings of our customers with on-the-spot surveys.

This is essential when you know that, at Vivest, 1 out of 2 requests is technical, and therefore managed by our service providers.

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annual customer satisfaction survey
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  •  « The CRM is at the heart of our members' knowledge. All organizations have access to our directory and can update their information directly. We also use it to send emails and organize our professional days. »

  • "Efficy CRM helps us achieve greater tenant satisfaction. We are able to respond to their requests more consistently"

  •  « We needed a flexible solution that could adapt to the complexity of our business and manage our business processes and lead management from A to Z. »


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