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Changing your CRM system for an xCRM

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Learn what an Extended CRM is and how it is different from a traditional CRM solution

What is an XCRM?

The XRM is not really an advanced technology per se…what is innovative is the concept of interconnecting a whole range of tools.

The XRM is a bunch of devices intermingled and put into contact to reach one same and common objective.

Like Cloud Computing, we talk a lot about XRM, but how can we define it?

Let’s start with the first step: the definition of a CRM. A CRM solution enables to store and save data. It is structured in a way that helps and serves all your departements: sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.

With an XRM solution, X (for extended) replaces C and means your CRM software becomes synchronized to your existing environment and tools. It will thus help collect even more data and therefore provide a comprehensive overview on your business activity.

In other words, an XRM solution has been built to bring more information to the knowledge of your company and its employees.


In a fast changing world, changing an old CRM system is now a must. Indeed, new CRMs with an extended CRM platform (xCRM) are more capable of responding to the new needs of organizations.

In fact, the platform centralizes all external source data, regardless of the operating system, using a unique and integrated user interface.

An xCRM relies on a receptacle that centralizes all client information and which also allows real-time sharing of documents and project information. As explained above, the different platform entities are interconnected in an unlimited way.

This many-to-many relationship results in a fluid communication of internal information on sales, clients and enterprise-wide projects, as well as external information (clients, partners, stakeholders) through the portal function.

Specific entities can be easily added to your organization in order to extend and integrate new features and data sources to the platform. Furthermore, xCRM can be entirely personalized.

Finally, a Cloud xCRM reduces the initial cost of software.

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