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The hotel sector, one of the main economic drivers in many countries, has been forced to face enormous changes in recent years.

Not so long ago, practically the entire hotel sector was dominated by travel agencies and tour operators, and hotels were forced to bend over and adapt to this type of intermediary.

With the arrival of the internet came the boom of comparison portals such as tripadvisor and booking and once again, the hotel sector had to adapt to the new times or disappear.

The last great change in the sector began with the landing of Airbnb from American lands, which has surely changed the sector forever and has once again forced the sector to adapt to the changes.

However, there is a common factor of successful hotels that has not changed one bit in all this time: to succeed in this sector you have to put the guest at the centre of everything.

And today, doing that without a CRM for hotels is almost impossible.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Costumer Relationship Management.

In the world of software, it is a tool that allows the way a company relates to its customers to be raised to the next level, and in the case of hotels, the way they relate to their guests.

What advantages does the implementation of a CRM for hotels offer?

By supporting your strategy in a CRM you get a multitude of advantages, but the 3 most important ones are

  • Knowing your customer much better.
  • Loyalty, so as not to depend on third parties such as booking.
  • Create 100% personalised marketing campaigns.


CRM for hotels

Knowing your client much better

Most hotels receive people from all kinds of places, ages, interests and even purchasing power levels, and precisely because of this, if they do not do an active job of getting to know their public, they cannot get past inaccurate generalities.

Having real information about your customers is essential to be able to adapt your offer to your public and this is precisely what you achieve with a CRM.

Simply by correctly recording as much information as possible about each guest during check-in at the beginning of their stay and reflecting it in your CRM, you will begin to have a better and more realistic view of your customer.

Loyalty to not depend on third parties as booking

Intermediaries such as booking prioritise, above recommending the best possible hotel, recommending the hotel that is most convenient for them.

Precisely because of this, even though your service is impeccable, the dripping of booking clients can disappear from one day to the next.

And that’s not to mention the commissions you charge.

So as not to be so dependent on other intermediaries, thanks to a CRM you can manage all the information on your clients and communicate with them directly again.

Create 100% personalised marketing campaigns

By getting to know your customers better and building their loyalty, you can carry out personalised marketing campaigns to attract more customers again:

  • You could send a special Christmas offer to those clients who only visit your hotel in the summer.
  • You could write to frequent guests with an offer to stay in their favourite room.
  • You could send a campaign with discounts in the restaurant of the hotel for those guests who live in the same city where you operate.

The list of personalized actions you could do is endless. And with that degree of individualisation, the success of this type of campaign always soars.

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