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The Customer Experience at the Restaurant: It’s Make or Break

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In this week’s article, I’ll focus on the customer experience at the restaurant. We have all been to a restaurant and sometimes experienced an enchanted moment. But sometimes also hell. This is the moment to focus on this interesting topic, and I'm sure each of you will find yourself in (at least) one of the next examples.


The customer experience at the restaurant: looking for a precious moment.

We are all waiting for special customer experience at the restaurant. Whether you are a commercial between two appointments. Or a team that wants to have fun on a Friday. Or a couple that wants to have an intimate moment. The first (the commercial) wants to eat fast because he has no time in front of him. The second (the team) want to share a good time between laughter and friendliness. The third (the couple) wants a little privacy, quality service, all without much fuss. In short, everyone goes to a restaurant with expectations. This is the expected customer experience. You want to have something different from your "office cafeteria". 

In the meantime, be careful not to confuse all these notions: customer satisfaction, customer experience, customer journey. We have dedicated an article to their differences if you want to know more.


The gift box with an interesting promo... on paper.

That's it, you have the right address. You know where to have dinner on Wednesday night. And you’re happy because you were offered a gift box a few months ago. That’s the perfect moment to enjoy it, especially since there is -20% on the menu. Here we go. But… not so fast! 

As soon as you arrive, you discover your table: it’s just outside the kitchen and you have the waiter who comes and go. That’s a good start! But, you hold on. 

And the waiter arrives: "So we do have lasagna anymore, neither seasonal soup nor steak. And for dessert, we are out of stock of profiteroles and crème brûlée. Hum! Calm! You will take a fish with a glass of white wine. 

You have eaten well and had a good time with friends, colleagues or family. And the bill arrives. Surprise: "The promo does not work on drinks". 

You pay the bill but you leave the restaurant disappointed. The customer experience did not live up to your expectations. Of course, you do not want to come back but you will also make bad publicity about your experience. And here we are, the restaurant will have a customer detractor because his or her customer experience at the restaurant was catastrophic.


Further surprises, sometimes even beyond expectations.

You enter a restaurant after you checked the menu. "Anyway, a small brasserie always does the trick." You are welcomed with open arms and your waiter is super-efficient. You are asked if the back table next to the library suits you. We bring you the menu immediately. And, we kindly offer you a little tapenade to spread on toast. 

As soon as your choice is made, the waitress approaches and offers you an aperitif. Everything goes perfectly. You enjoy the moment. You appreciate. 

In other words, you live positive customer experience. And, at the end of the meal, the owner offers you a dessert or a digestive. When the bill happens (because it is still there, she), no worries. 

Leaving the restaurant, you want to leave him a positive opinion on TripAdvisor and share a good plan with your loved ones. The restaurateur did his job well!


At the restaurant, as elsewhere, the customer experience is essential.

In conclusion, the customer experience is essential to satisfy and retain customers. Our article on the steps to follow to optimise the customer journey can give you some marbles to go even further. 


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