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What Is Customer Service and How to Improve It?

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Customer service is key for any type of business. Good customer service does not end when the purchase process is completed, but also continues after the purchase has been made. With good customer service we will be able to increase our sales volume. The effects of good customer service once the purchase has been made will help us to ensure that the purchase process is repeated, thereby increasing customer loyalty. Let's look at some aspects to take into account to see how we can improve it.


Knowing how to listen.

To improve our customer service, we have to learn to listen. It is important to avoid distractions and to listen to what the customer has to tell us until the end. In addition to this, we should not interrupt the client when he/she is making his/her presentation, and in the case of having a question, it is advisable to leave it for the end. In fact, with these questions we will be showing a proactive attitude about the problem and with this we will transmit that we are really working on how to solve the problem. Try to show your empathy and put yourself in the consumer's shoes. 

atencion al cliente


Facilitate customer service.

Facilitating customer service is also key. If the customer needs our attention, it is usually because they have a problem that requires our help. In this sense, it is important that they know where they can ask for this attention and not waste time looking for it, as this will probably make the situation worse. In the case of an online shop, try to make customer service as clear as possible, do not hide it. If possible, also try to make it multi-channel. Make it easy for the customer to contact the company by phone, email and, if you have a live chat, even better.


Promise is a promise.

When it comes to solving a customer service problem, we must be cautious when offering a solution. By this we mean that, if we commit ourselves to a specific solution, we have to deliver it no matter what it costs us. For this reason, it is not recommended to give false hopes or raise expectations. If we know that the repair process is going to take a long time or that the product will be out of stock for a long time, if we lie to the customer or give them the wrong information we will only aggravate the problem we have beforehand, so it is not at all recommended to do this.


After-sales service.

As we pointed out at the beginning, customer service should not end once the sale has been made. It is true that many companies neglect this aspect and this after-sales service does not end up being as good as normal customer service. This is a serious mistake, as the customer may think that the good customer service was only aimed at selling the product itself and not at satisfying the customer. A good after-sales customer service will be the one that allows us to build customer loyalty. In this case, we should be able to help our customer with the use of the product once it has been purchased or to solve any problem they may have with it, as well as to process the warranty. In fact, this after-sales customer service usually offers a better image of the business, because it is understood that with a good service what is being demonstrated in the company is that the customer is satisfied, an aspect that all customers have in common, no matter how different they are from each other.


And what is the tool to take care of customer service?

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