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Examples of Good Customer Service for Your Business

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Customer service is one of the great unknowns of the business world. For the general public, these professionals often have a bad image due to call centres that are constantly calling to offer discounts or seductive contracts or bad experiences with some professionals in this sector. 

However, the truth is that customer service is the backbone of many companies. It is these workers who become the link between what the company offers and what the customer is looking for. 

The work of this business section is essential for closing contracts, providing information on services, following up on breakdowns or repairs, etc. In fact, they are the main means of contact between customers and the company, and although sometimes only the negative is highlighted, the work of these teams is valuable and necessary. 

It is precisely for this reason that it is interesting to highlight examples of good customer service. These are practices that are carried out every day in hundreds of companies, otherwise how would companies continue to convince customers and generate revenue? Here are some of the most outstanding ones:


Hola luz

Hola luz is a green energy distributor that is conquering the market with its competitive prices and its commitment to green electricity. In addition, it is worth highlighting its excellent customer service. 

It is easy to contact a professional in this area by telephone or, even easier, through its website: a simple chat that does not require registration and where you can talk to a person from the very first moment. No bots or pre-configured questions 

In addition, the company strives to ensure that its customers do not have to endure long waiting times. They are polite, responsive and very approachable


Basecamp is an organizing software for businesses. They work with hundreds of companies all over the world and therefore require a very dedicated and professional customer service team. 

How do they achieve this? Not by dedicating themselves exclusively to this work. Basecamp's management thought it would be ideal if their customer service team could dedicate a couple of hours of their daily workday to other tasks that would encourage them to stay with the company, improve their morale and allow them to disconnect from those sometimes high-pressure, high-attention jobs. 

This decision was a success. The company's statistics show that its customer service work has improved: more queries are resolved, more complaints are avoided and, most importantly, more sign-ups are achieved.



Convenience, speed, privacy, efficiency. These are the values of the Paypal digital wallet. The company is used by tens of thousands of people to make secure payments over the Internet. And this is thanks to a customer service that has specialized in being on the customer's side, resolving their doubts and complaints in record time and with a high percentage of satisfaction.


The world has undergone a revolution in recent years with the arrival of streaming services such as Netflix. These companies have not only brought about a change in film and television consumption trends, but also in other factors such as customer service. 

Contacting Netflix is like contacting a friendly company: you can communicate with them via chat, in just a few minutes and with a high level of customer satisfaction. The company strives to ensure that its users have no problems and, for this reason, they are also very active and responsive on social networks, where they use friendly, fun and original language. 

These are some of the examples of good practices in the customer service of large companies. Following in their footsteps is the best way to achieve success in a company. 

And the key in all these examples is to know your customers and know how to manage them. How? With a CRM. 

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