Consolidate your information system and simplify your management with an ERP

Without an ERP solution, a real information system that coordinates the different flows and the different actors, companies would not be able to satisfy their customers, suppliers and therefore to develop.

Having an ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning” or PGI “Progiciel de Gestion Intégré” ) allows companies to gain in productivity and performance in the management of internal processes.

From the detection of an opportunity to cash receipts, white paper downloads, quotes received, projects deployed and invoices paid, you benefit from a 360° vision of your customers.

Manage your company with simplicity thanks to your ERP

Thanks to your ERP specially designed for business problems, you automate your entire sales management process.

From quotation to collection, you manage each step. The ERP allows you to manage all types of invoicing, including recurring.

You can trace your entire cycle perfectly. You know exactly what has been charged and collected. You also control the financial health of your SME.

Your ERP provides you with a catalog of reporting reports. You edit your own dashboards and automate their generation. You can quickly make the right management decisions.

Manage your SME from A to Z with a CRM and ERP all in one!

CRM, project management and ERP all in one, allows you to easily manage your business. In a few seconds, you know with simplicity what has been sold, produced and invoiced.

You can also control your backlog and your backlog. ERP solutions work for you, so you don’t have to worry about repetitive administrative tasks. You focus on your numbers and your decisions.

Integrate your ERP with the accounting and financial tools of your SME

The integration of your ERP with your accounting and financial tools allows you to save precious time and avoid any data entry errors.

You automatically integrate your sales, purchases and third parties with your accounting.

You limit the risks of exploitation of your vital data.