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To talk about Salesforce is to focus on one of the solutions with the longest track record and brand presence in the world of CRM.

Many companies around the world have been inspired by its business model thanks to the legacy of Aaron Ross, one of the creators of the Inbound strategy for this company (you can read about it in his book “The Predictable Revenue“).

As most of us know, it is a very broad CRM. However, that can be a disadvantage for companies that are looking for a solution that meets their needs.

That said, let’s find out what the differences and similarities are between Salesforce and Efficy, in order to help you make the best decision for your company. Let’s get to it!

Efficy vs Salesforce

salesforce vs efficyFounded in San Francisco, California in 1999. It provides CRM service and applications for customer service, marketing and development.





salesforce vs efficy

Created in 2005 in Belgium, it is a complete, flexible and extended software for medium and large companies.


Let’s see what each solution offers

Efficy vs Salesforce

efficy and salesforceMobile App
efficy or salesforceComplete sales management
efficy vs salesforce, which is the bestKPI management
efficy or salesforce, which one is the best?Calendar view and activity management
Subtotal: 20€/month
Gmail/Outlook Integration
Phone Support
Unlimited Contacts
Document Management
Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Total: 20€/month

Efficy or Salesforce

efficy and salesforce crmMobile App
efficy or salesforce crmComplete sales management
efficy and salesforce, which is the best?KPI management
efficy and salesforceCalendar view and activity management
Subtotal: 25€ /month
Gmail/Outlook Integration (From: +25€/month)
Phone Support (From: +7.50€/ month )
API ( From: +150€/month)
Contacts (Up to 10GB limit)
Document Management (Up to 10GB limit)
Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Total: 207.50€/month

       Included in the price        Not included        Not Available

Similarities between Salesforce and Efficy

Both have:

  • Mobile application
  • Full sales management module
  • KPI measurement
  • And calendar and activity management


Now, let’s talk about the differences between both CRMs

Gmail/Outlook integration: Salesforce charges 25€ per month for this module. However, Efficy includes this synchronisation by default in any of its CRMs.

Unlimited contacts: Salesforce offers only 10 GB, while with Efficy you have 100% unlimited contacts.

Documentation management: In any of Efficy’s plans, you can manage/save any amount of documents in the CRM without any limit. However, Salesforce gives you only 10 GB.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365: Salesforce does not have this integration, but Efficy does. By having this type of functionality, you can create any document (word, excel, power point, etc) and edit it from the CRM itself.

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We know that the right choice of CRM tool will have a great impact on the results of your organisation, while boosting the productivity of your teams.

We hope you found this comparison useful and if what we have shown you convinces you, ask for a demo now!

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