With Efficy’s CRM, build customer loyalty and attract propsects

Price comparison websites, travel forums, etc. The tourism and leisure industry as a whole is undergoing profound change.

Whether talking about leisure or business tourism, and whether it concerns airlines, travel agencies or tour operators, customers are quite simply bombarded with information. So how can you win them over and build loyalty?

Whether you sell your products yourself or via a network of distributors, Efficy’s CRM solutions for tourism and leisure provides you with all the necessary tools to enhance customer loyalty: improved understanding of your customers so as to offer the most appropriate product, to carry out successful targeted marketing campaigns and to process complaints efficiently.

Customer relationship management for tourism and leisure

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    Understand the customer’s path to purchase
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    Offer the right offer at the right time
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    Launch targeted marketing campaigns
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    Respond in an optimal way to customer complaints

Enhancing the customer journey

By its very nature, the relationship between a travel agency and its customers is ongoing. The tourism professional is there, accompanying customers, from the moment the customer visits the counter to request information until the client makes the return journey, providing information or reassurance, whether by phone, by SMS, by email, mail, etc.

Offering the right product at the right time

A key competitive edge is being able to capture the customer’s attention by offering the right product at the right moment.

With a CRM solution for tourism and leisure, you can capitalise on the customer knowledge you have accumulated to carry out personalised, targeted marketing actions.

Handle complaints efficiently

Handling customer requests efficiently is absolutely crucial in the tourism industry. A dissatisfied customer can make you lose ten more, even though a good number of complaints can be handled easily and inexpensively. A specialised Tourism and Leisure CRM will not only help you listen more attentively to the needs of your customers, but also provides innovative tools for analysing each request so you can give an appropriate solution in a timely manner.

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