efficy integrates the Universign electronic signature into its CRM offer.

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Paris, October 19, 2021 - Universign, a Trusted Service Provider (TSP) for electronic signature, electronic seal and time stamping, today announced its partnership with efficy, a European publisher of a complete customer relationship management platform. 

Thanks to the Universign electronic signature, efficy is now able to offer its customers an even more complete and competitive range of services, in full compliance with the European eIDAS regulation. efficy offers a complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Its solutions are flexible, open, collaborative and available in SaaS or On-premise mode. 

The company is present in 15 countries and helps companies transform their customer data into customer knowledge, while simplifying the work of their employees. efficy CRM has over 330,000 daily users in 13,500 companies worldwide.

Adding value to improve the user experience.

efficy's mission is to offer a complete range of CRM solutions, allowing each company to find the one that best suits its needs. The ergonomics of its solutions is an essential element, which is why their interface is simple and modern in order to promote user productivity by adapting to their uses. efficy wanted to add value to its CRM offer by offering an electronic signature solution integrated into its user path. 

The company therefore turned to Universign to set up this partnership, which is fully in line with this objective. Thanks to Universign's electronic signature, efficy simplifies its user path by allowing, for example, the sales force to finalize their quotations and send them to their customers for signature directly from the CRM. 

This development responds in particular to the demand of efficy's customers in the banking, insurance and mutual insurance sectors. The partnership also includes the future use of Universign's electronic stamp and time stamping.

Simplifying the customer relationship while enhancing security and compliance.

By integrating the Universign electronic signature to its CRM offer, efficy brings more power to its solutions and benefits from the following advantages:

  • A simplified customer relationship for both the CRM user and the end customer. The electronic signature integrated in the user path is used when sending quotes and order forms directly from the CRM. The signed documents are then centralized in the CRM. Universign then ensures that the signed documents are preserved with probative value.
  • No additional cost for efficy users, who benefit from a signature service that includes SMS authentication of the signatories and a qualified time stamp that guarantees the date and time of signature, as well as the integrity of the document.
  • An integrated, secure solution that fully complies with the European eIDAS regulation.

"This partnership with Universign is fully in line with our strategy of combining technological excellence in our solutions with European-wide compliance thanks to eIDAS qualification. The integration of electronic signatures into our CRM offering allows us to confidently offer a comprehensive, simple and secure service to our customers thanks to the support and attentiveness of the Universign teams." Franck Boulanger, Group Product Manager at efficy.

"Our electronic signature solution significantly simplifies processes while guaranteeing the high level of security and compliance that users need. We are delighted to complement efficy's offering and to actively support them in their drive for innovation and digitalization for the benefit of their customers." Julien Stern, President and Founder of Universign

About efficy.

efficy is a European publisher offering a complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Our solutions are flexible, open, collaborative, available in SaaS or On-premise mode. They are aimed at SMEs, large accounts and public institutions, and are adapted to the business problems of BtoB and BtoC organizations, at an optimal cost. Our teams support our clients in their digital transition on a daily basis. 

About Universign.

Universign, a pure-player in Trust Services, is a SaaS platform for electronic signature, electronic seal and time-stamping services. As a Trust Service Provider qualified under the European eIDAS regulation, Universign secures and facilitates digital transactions in compliance with regulations. As a guarantee of security in digital exchanges, Universign Trust Services offer the best user experience by respecting two principles: simplicity and compliance. For more information: universign.com 

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