Agilos modernizes its customer relationship with efficy CRM.

Agilos is a consultancy company with 25 employees which was set up in 2009.

It specialised in Business Intelligence and in particular the business intelligence software Qlik.

Agilos’ initial needs were simple:

  • To set up a central database.
  • Archiving external communications made to prospects and customers by email, letters, offers…
  • Centralising internal communications about customer projects, (tracking, requests…)

And finally Agilos wanted to have a complete history of all that had been said and actioned with a contact or business.

  • "With efficy, we created a backbone of information"

Why did you choose efficy CRM?

Agilos looked around the CRM market and selected efficy for a number of reasons:

  • Their excellent 360 approach to customers, with a view of data from both a business perspective and that of customer service with a good intuition of how to make use of this information.
  • A broad functionality coverage which answered most of the standard Agilos business requirements with, in addition, many other development options.
  • A Cloud offer, making it possible for a small business like Agilos to not have to manage the application on their servers. For a small structure like Agilos, to have a Cloud CRM was much simpler to manage.

What has efficy changed in your business?

«Today information flows between everyone involved, and now there is one place where everything is centralized for each customer whether it is licenced, completed consulting data, emails, problems… 

We now have a central information system, and that’s thanks to efficy.» says Gilles Hocepied.

What future developments are in the pipeline?

For the future, Agilos would like to set up its invoicing system in efficy CRM, to be able to have a more complete view of the forecast, (opportunities) and the actual, (invoicing).

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  • "In 3 years, the Lyon branch of the DCF association has gone from 70 to 150 members. This growth in membership has forced the organization's managers to rethink their communication and management of member relations."

  •  « We therefore needed a simple, easy-to-use, flexible tool that would allow us to have different approaches. Our objective: to develop our reputation and to structure the sales department in order to quickly consolidate our sales. »

  • Patrick Bois-d'Enghien BAW

    "We needed a tool that was simple, quick to set up and very collaborative."


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