Delta Plus optimizes its global business processes with efficy CRM.

The Delta Plus Group designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of personal protective equipment for workplace safety: clothing, gloves, shoes, helmets, etc.

This global player, with distribution subsidiaries in 30 countries, ensures proximity to its customers.

To make its sales processes more fluid, both internationally and locally, Delta Plus relies on the efficy CRM solution.

  • "Efficy CRM improves and perpetuates customer knowledge. This solution will enable us to work better with our customers to build loyalty."

Supporting the Group's growth.

The Delta Plus Group is experiencing strong growth, particularly through international acquisitions. As a result, tools and processes must continually evolve and adapt. Equipped for 15 years with different CRM solutions, the Group decided, in 2018, to opt for a recent technology offering more ease in data processing and more flexibility for the management of international subsidiaries.

The specifications were written internally, in conjunction with the sales teams. Among the key features of the project, the CRM solution had to be able to manage multilingualism (17 languages) and to facilitate the sharing of information between field and head office. And, of course, it had to offer an acceptable functionality/budget ratio for several hundred licenses.

Relying on an evolving tool.

The efficy CRM solution was chosen via an offer made by Finopsys, an efficy certified integrator. Delta Plus Group has been working with Finopsys for over 20 years and knew that its needs would be perfectly understood by the teams involved.

Thus, 6 months passed between the choice of the solution and the launch of the project. Then, in 2 years, 100% of the subsidiaries were equipped. According to the users, efficy CRM is very easy to learn thanks to the modern ergonomics of the tool and the many standard features.

Moreover, to be even more useful, the CRM is synchronized with the existing emailing tool and other external databases (ERP, BI).

Optimizing business processes.

The efficy CRM solution is used daily by 407 users at Delta Plus. All of them are sales people and most of them are on the move. More than 106,000 customers and prospects worldwide are managed in the CRM. Users enter their meeting reports to ensure better sales follow-up and improve customer knowledge.

This entry is done from a computer or a smartphone (mobile app). Then, the back-office teams can take control of certain actions, such as sending catalogs or carrying out telephone call campaigns.

One of the pleasant surprises for Delta Plus is that efficy CRM gives key users a great deal of autonomy in the administration of their customer database, including mass updates.

Improving customer knowledge.

Customer knowledge, although it’s at the heart of the Delta Plus strategy, still needs to be improved.

This is the challenge of the 2nd phase of the CRM project. Marketing campaigns are now easier to carry out.

But the Delta Plus Group wants to go even further to take full advantage of all this data centralized in the CRM.

Moreover, there is no lack of development projects.

The Delta Plus Group will continue to equip its new subsidiaries, upgrade certain settings and use the new version of efficy CRM 11.3 to deploy links with Gmail and Flexmail.

Key figures.

+ 400



user subsidiaries



Les résultats.

  • 100% of international subsidiaries equipped in 2 years (17 languages)
  • Smoother sales follow-up between the field and back-office teams
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  •  « As the structure of all entities is the same, it is easy to identify and solve problems. In this way, each employee can quickly return to work on his or her primary tasks.»

  • Anne Thuilliert Auditech Innovations

    "From web leads to business monitoring, efficy CRM has enabled us to simplify, structure, and automate our customer relations. Now, we could not live without efficy CRM!"

  • "We therefore needed a simple, easy-to-use, flexible tool that would allow us to have different approaches. Our objective: to develop our reputation and to structure the sales department in order to quickly consolidate our sales."


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