Technodigit, a French company member of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence group, is the specialist in 3D scanning and modeling.

Their software is used in many fields such as topography, architecture, civil engineering… or even automotive, and is a unique 3D meshing solution that allows to process data from any digitizing system in a reduced time!

Faced with their growth, Technodigit’s teams had to consider reorganizing their internal processes around a single, centralized tool: the CRM

  •  « Flexible in terms of modularity and customization, the efficy CRM solution fully meets our development needs. It's an efficient, high-performance solution that meets our expectations and business constraints. »

A solution for our growth.

In a context of growth and increase in the number of our customers and invoices, the need for a CRM solution quickly became obvious. We were working with several excel files that were not very usable and had a more and more complicated follow-up of the activity.

“We wanted to group all our customer information and interactions in a single repository accessible to all. ”

Centralized database, communication between teams, mutualization of CRM and invoicing in the same environment, connection with our other tools… these were the goals we wanted to achieve with our CRM.

A solution in line with our business specificities.

After a first inconclusive CRM project experience, we matured our project and defined the important points and functional expectations.

“efficy CRM was recommended by another user and after a demo by the sales team and a first test of the solution, we quickly realized its potential. It’s a solution that was very easy for us to project ourselves into, in line with our business specificities. “

A personalized accompaniment and a relationship of trust.

One of efficy CRM strong points is undoubtedly its service offer. This service is divided into several stages, from project phasing to team training. “Project phasing, study, data migration and team training were key steps in getting to grips with the solution and customizing it to our business.

The efficy teams succeeded in understanding our specificities and business challenges in order to adapt the CRM and support the teams in an optimal way.

“The training, which took place completely in our business context, allowed the teams to project themselves completely and in the short term into the solution. The solution has been adopted by all users and today everyone knows how to navigate, search and add information. The teams quickly felt the contribution of CRM in the management of their daily activity. “

A CRM and ERP in one!

Switching invoicing to a new system is a delicate step for every company. Being able to integrate our invoicing with our CRM was one of the challenges of the project. Although this was only addressed in the second phase of the solution’s implementation, we were already reassured by its suitability for our needs.

Efficy CRM met our needs! Simplified invoice tracking, smoother workflows and simultaneous work by team members were the first benefits we observed!

An open solution.

Efficy CRM is an open solution that allows us to develop tools and web services to integrate our CRM with our environment.
Flexible in terms of modularity and customization, the solution fully meets our evolutionary needs.

It is an efficient and effective solution, consistent with our expectations and our business constraints. All this in a unique and comfortable environment for each user.

The project at a glance:




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  • "Efficy is the solution that has allowed us to centralize all our information in a single repository. The CRM has become the heart of our information system and has made us more productive."

  • "We have experienced 200% growth. It's certain that without the efficy CRM solution, we wouldn't have made it this far."


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