Created in 1984, LSE is the leader in the middle market sector of the construction market, with more than 15,000 users. LSE conceives, edits and commercializes via its regional agencies and its network of partners management software packages mainly dedicated to building professionals. A totally modular ERP, LSE allows the customer to have a solution adapted to his needs and/or his budget, which he can make evolve while keeping his data and the same ergonomics.

By choosing from the beginning not to be a generalist and to position itself as an editor specialized in the building sector, LSE has given itself all the means to apprehend all the needs and to bring to them, in close collaboration with companies of the sector, concrete answers by integrating in its solutions all its specificities.

This experience acquired for more than 30 years and hundreds of installations confers to LSE an unequalled expertise on this sector.

We have experienced 200% growth. It's certain that without the Efficy CRM solution, we wouldn't have made it this far.
Stéphane Coirre
Associate Director and Commercial Director - LSE

The project at a glance

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    3 agencies in France

The project's context

Four management software packages for an ERP editor, that’s a lot. That’s why LSE decided to opt for a single, high-performance solution: Efficy CRM

It had become impossible to work properly with four separate information systems for each department at LSE, an ERP publisher for construction companies.

“We were experiencing a continuous loss of information and productivity. For example, an employee had to call his colleagues to find out about the latest discussions with a client.

Today, these laborious processes are finally simplified: everything is centralized in a single software program accessible to all.

Why choose Efficy CRM?

With Efficy, we have a 360 degree view of each of our customers.

We have access to all the necessary information, regardless of the profiles or departments.

It’s this collaborative aspect that makes us more efficient.

End-to-end control of the commercial chain

This was a crucial step forward, especially for customer asset management. With four separate information systems, it was very difficult for each department to have an exact overview.

“Now, customer asset management with Efficy CRM is transparent. All our employees know exactly what each customer has.

This is strategic data for adapting LSE’s offer to companies’ needs. Another advantage: “Centralizing the information also avoids forgetting to invoice. This way we avoid any loss in the sales chain.”

One solution for every need

However, Efficy CRM does not only concentrate data. The solution also brings together all the functionalities useful to the company. From quotations to invoicing, including time management, LSE’s teams can now do everything in a single software application. Efficy’s experts even integrate third-party tools such as Google Suite and Report One to further optimize the daily tasks of LSE’s employees.

“Today, even our emails are integrated into our CRM: everything the company does is there, which proves crucial in my job as a manager.”

Having all employees work on the same tool also allows everyone to better track the progress of contracts.

“Thanks to this unique tool, we put the customer back at the center of our work. Indeed, employees see the results of their efforts and those of their colleagues on the customer relationship live. “

Anticipating the future

Efficy meets LSE’s current needs, but not only. The solution also provides food for thought for the company’s future, especially in the area of marketing. “After coupling the e-mailing and phoning solutions with Efficy CRM, we now plan to go further.

Our goal is to manage our e-mailing and phoning campaigns directly through our CRM. We know that with Efficy, we can consider everything and that its team will be able to help us meet our future needs.

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