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Last Lesson of the Sales Course : Use a CRM

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In this sales course for large companies we have already covered many lessons. From the differences between selling to small and large companies, to how to recruit and compensate sales talent, to marketing and the sales process. Basically, everything you need to organise a sales department from 0 to 100:

  1. What are the differences between selling to large companies and to SMEs?
  2. How to manage the sales process for large companies
  3. How to attract large accounts with ABM (Account Based Marketing)
  4. How to target large companies with cold emails
  5. How to qualify key accounts with BANT
  6. Consultative Selling is the best way to close sales with large companies
  7. How to close sales with large companies
  8. Aligning marketing and sales
  9. How to articulate a sales and marketing plan to capture large companies
  10. How to organise the sales force to close big deals
  11. How to recruit a good sales person
  12. How much does a dedicated key account sales person earn?

And if you've read all the lessons, you'll have found one constant: The use of a CRM. 

This is obviously not a coincidence. 

We created this course to help the community, but also because 100% of companies that want to define a business process need a CRM. 

And that's what I want to talk about in this last lesson:

Do you need to use a CRM to sell more and better?

Imagine a racetrack. 

Do you need a Formula 1 car to cross the finish line? Clearly not. 

You can do it in a Renault. 

Or walk. 

You may not even use a car. 

However, when the race starts, those with the best car start with a wild advantage. 

It doesn't matter how good the driver is. 

It's the same with sales. 

You can forget the CRM and use paper, pen and Excel. 

Or even nothing at all. 

But that's a bad idea. 

You'll get passed around. 

I'm not saying this, the numbers say it.

Can I improve my sales process by using a CRM?

According to a US study, companies that use a CRM improve the ROI of their marketing campaigns by an average of 43%, customer satisfaction by 45% and sales by 37%. 


CRM marketing

And this improvement in numbers you get, primarily, for 4 reasons

  • You start selling more.
  • You improve productivity.
  • You improve customer retention.
  • You can do personalized marketing.

You start selling more

80% of sales are made after contacting the prospect at least 5 times. 

And doing such follow-up without a CRM is simply impossible. 

And that's why, according to the same study, in 90% of cases, salespeople contact a prospect 4 times or less and don't close it. 

The solution: CRM alerts and reminders.

Improve productivity

When a salesperson picks up the phone to talk to a customer or lead, they have two options:

  1. Have an absolutely exceptional memory.
  2. He uses a CRM and finds all the information about the customer.

With customer records, you can understand a customer's status at a glance, even if you have never interacted with them. And when it comes to selling, it shows.

Improve customer retention

With a CRM (and for the reasons in the previous points), you offer your customers a better service. 

They feel better treated. And you have fewer customers leaving. 

It goes without saying that retaining customers is as profitable as acquiring new ones. 

Even more so, because it's cheaper.

You can do personalised marketing

One of the advantages of being able to run your marketing campaigns from the tool where you have centralised all your customer information is that you can personalise your campaigns to the extreme. In addition to accompanying each email with personal data, you can send specific emails to particular segments to ensure that you send the right message to the right person at the right time. These personalised campaigns get better results than general campaigns.

There are many other reasons

With a CRM, you can generate automatic reports, manage your own team, automate tasks, enrich your customers' experience and much more. 

We tell you more about this in the article " The 7 advantages and benefits of using a CRM in your business ", but I won't elaborate on it further in this lesson because it is not important.

What is important is that with a CRM you will sell more and better.

And that is why you have taken this course. 

That's why, in this last lesson, I just wanted to leave you with one last tip :

Use a CRM!

Whatever it is. 

Even if it's the competition. 

Using a CRM catapults you towards your goals. 

And we think the one that can do it best is ours. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. 

You can take a free trial and see for yourself. 

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