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Efficy CRM enables you to do targeted marketing and improve your customer loyalty by meeting their individual needs

Why is it crucial to create customer loyalty?

Having loyal customers is the sure way to keep your business going. A loyal customer is a customer that regularly consumes products and services from a specific brand. Retaining your customers means two things:

First, you save a significant amount of money since acquiring a new customer is 3 to 10 times more expensive than keeping one.

Second, you improve the reputation of your brand thanks to word-of-mouth or recommendations of loyal customers.

Given those two elements, it is not surprising that the profitability of your company and its turnover is expected to rise.

CRM, the individualised marketing tool?

In order to retain customers, not only do you have to provide them with quality products; you also need to provide quality service and customer experience. For that purpose, you must be able to identify your customer’s needs at any moment.

This relational and individualised marketing can be facilitated by the use of a CRM solution that makes it possible to see the entire history of your relationship with the client.

With a CRM solution, you are able to enter all the data relating to your customers: the commercial products they own, their personal information, past and future sales opportunities, the support incidents they declared, etc.

Thanks to this valuable information, each of your agents will be able to handle the client in a personalised way by offering products and services that are fully adapted to their needs.

It was never that simple to create customer loyalty

As you can see in the video below, by clicking on their client portfolio, agents can see the lists of their customers, to each of whom sales opportunities and tasks are linked.

Notifications are visible for every customer in an agent’s portfolio. Agents can directly manage, see, edit and modify those notifications to signal they were taken care of.

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CRM Case study Customer loyalty
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