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Upgrade You with a CRM for Restaurants

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Catering is one of the favourite businesses in Spain. 

In 2018 alone there were 279,396 restaurants in the country. That is, there is one bar or restaurant for every 167 inhabitants. A real madness. 

With this density of business, it's no wonder that competition increases year after year and businesses close almost as fast as they open. 

In fact, according to some estimates, 70% of restaurant businesses that open close before their second birthday. 

The main reason: 

Lack of experience in restaurant management. 


CRM for restaurants

According to Jorge Blasco, one of the main advisors specialised in rescuing restaurants, only 5% of the premises use pricing (a way of measuring the unit cost of each dish served), one of the most basic management measures. 

If you don't want to be an ordinary restaurant and risk joining the ranks of those who are forced to close, management should be your main concern. 

And the best management software that exists is CRM

What a CRM for restaurants can do for your business?

A CRM for restaurants will help you to manage 4 areas in your business in an impeccable way

  1. The suppliers.
  2. The customers.
  3. The premises.
  4. The promotions.

Management of the suppliers with a CRM 

As we have mentioned, the lack of information as basic as the pricing is one of the main reasons for the closure of restaurants. With a CRM you can have that information centralized and also all this information:

  • Product delivery dates.
  • Prices of orders, products and dishes.
  • Costs in materials, supplies, salaries and raw materials.
  • Margins on each dish.
  • Etc...

Having all this information available and centralised is the first step on the road to more efficient management of your premises.

Information about your customers in the CRM.

In all businesses, the customer is the heart of the business. Restaurants are no exception. 

Most of these businesses have a lot of data on their customers that they do not take advantage of because they simply do not record it. 

From contact information to frequency of visit, to dishes, drinks and favourite table, average ticket or home orders; having all this information available to the staff when the customer comes to your business allows you to treat them well above average. 

And you can do this with a CRM.

All the information of the premises in the same place.

Discovering dishes that do not sell and that should be removed from the menu, as well as those that go out the most and should be promoted, is another of the tasks you can carry out with a CRM for restaurants. 

Thanks to a tool like this you will also discover the days with more and less traffic or you will be able to manage the reservations made by phone and mail.

Promotions to get the most out of your information.

By storing all the data we have reviewed, you would have a much better overview of your restaurant than without it, but one of the main advantages of having the information is that you could make totally personalized promotions:

  • You could write to customers who usually order a dish if you put it on sale or just before removing it from the menu.
  • You could invite customers who come very often to their favourite drink by bringing it to the table before they order.
  • You could make offers to customers who usually come on weekends to go on the days when you have less traffic in the restaurant.

The list is endless and depends exclusively on your imagination and the quantity and quality of information you collect from your customers in your CRM.

The best CRM for restaurants is efficy.

If you want to start enjoying these advantages in your business, efficy's CRM solutions are your best option. 

The best proof of this is the more than 4,500 clients in more than 33 countries who already sell more thanks to our tool. 

If you also want to start selling more, request a demo. 

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