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efficy vs Odoo: Who can help out in my business?

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Today we are going to analyse two CRM tools: efficy vs Odoo.

Let's get to it! 

When implementing a CRM, there is no budget for mistakes. You must take into account the objectives and needs of your organisation so that your CRM system

is equipped with the ideal tools.

For guaranteed success, you need to compare CRM software features to find the one that satisfies, and this process can be overwhelming.


That is why we have prepared a comparison of features between efficy and other available tools, such is the case of CRM, Odoo.

efficy vs Odoo

Odoo was founded in 2004, in Belgium. It is an integrated ERP software for sales and project management. 

efficy was founded in 2005 in Belgium, it is a complete, flexible and scalable software for all types of companies (from small to large).


Let's get to know a little about what efficy and Odoo have to offer  

pipedrive vs efficy
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Document Management

 Subtotal: 20€/month


  • Gmail Integration
  • Complete sales management
  • Phone Support
  • API
  • Calendar view and activity management
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration
  • KPI management

Total: 20€/month  

odoo vs efficy
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Document Management

 Subtotal: 24€/month


  • Gmail Integration (Extra app: +399€)
  • Complete sales management ( From +12€/month)
  • Phone Support (Only Emergency)
  • API ( From: +36€/month)
  • Calendar view and activity management (From +6€/month)
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration (Extra app +300€)
  • KPI management

Total: 78€/month + 699€ one time payment for extra apps

Analysing in depth, the advantages between both platforms are:  

  • Mobility. Both tools have a mobile application. efficy App and Odoo App.
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Targeted at B2B and B2C
  • Document management and storage

Now if we talk about differences between efficy and Odoo

These could be the most relevant ones:

Integrations: In the case of efficy CRM all solutions have Gmail, Outlook and Microsoft 365 integration, in order to offer you a wide variety of options for the daily management of your company. In the case of Odoo software, this type of integration is offered for monthly payments starting at €300.   

Support: The Odoo system provides customer support by phone only in situations that it classifies as emergencies. efficy CRM offers customer support by call and live chat for all customers regardless of the type of query.   

Management: efficy has specialised modules for total sales management and KPI management in all its CRM solutions. In the case of the Odoo programme, these types of management are included in plans above €12/month   

Price: With Odoo you pay 78€/month + 699€ (one-off payment for extra applications), however, with efficy for only 20€/month (annual plan), you can customise your CRM and even link entities together, without any limits 

Has this comparison been useful for you?

Let's remember that a CRM system is not just about establishing a relationship with current and potential customers. It is more about nurturing those contacts and building loyal relationships.

There are many CRM tools on the market that offer functionality that can be adapted to your type of business and the needs of your employees.

We sincerely hope that this comparison will help you decide on the CRM you need for your business. Now if what we have shown you convinces you, ask for a demo now!

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