Invest in the future of your business and streamline your processes with efficy CRM for Financial Services.

Whether banking, investments, accounting or insurance, focus on building stronger customer relationships, maximising customer value, and delivering world-class customer service with our CRM for financial services.    



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Take a 360-degree view of unified customer data.

Maintain clear view of your customers' financial documents, policies, insurance files, and beyond. 

Our CRM allows you to track all your interactions with any entity, as well as key account information to give you a global understanding of the companies you are dealing with. 

With efficy CRM for financial services, unify your customers’ experience. Give your team members access to all customer information — transaction histories, complaints, and open tickets — and never miss an opportunity again.

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  • Arnaud Garnier BNP Paribas

    "efficy CRM in a nutshell: peace of mind. We have reached our cruising speed. efficy has grown a lot over the last few years, it is a genuine partnership."

What is CRM for financial services?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables financial services organisations to keep a global view of their customer relationships and interactions. More than any other financial software, a CRM manages all your business development activities, from customer acquisition to revenue control to privacy and compliance.

Ensure data protection and regulatory compliance.

Do not risk data security. Our CRM is set up according to your organisational and regulatory requirements for data storage and with the appropriate security model suited to your needs.

With efficy CRM for financial services, make sure your team is accessing the right assets without the risk of a data breach.

Stay at the forefront of the digital transformation of FinTech.

Focus on your company's specific needs and requirements — both for prospecting and upselling, while building customer loyalty.

Our CRM for financial services is the best link between efficiency and rapid-pace digitalisation. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating valuable business information to meet the needs of potential customers and spending less time on low-quality leads.

With efficy CRM for financial services, win more customers, generate more revenue, and keep customers for longer. 

efficy CRM for financial services — build lasting client relationships with solutions tailored to your needs.

Our solutions are easily customisable with add-ons and integrations, so you can feel confident that your solution fits your unique business needs.

Over 330,000 users are already growing with efficy
  • Benoit Speybroeck Belfius

    "The new system will enable everyone who is in contact with a client to have a 360° view of them."

  • Arnaud Garnier BNP Paribas

    "efficy CRM in a nutshell: peace of mind. We have reached our cruising speed. efficy has grown a lot over the last few years, it is a genuine partnership."

  • Marion Ciaparra Carrefour Pro

    "We needed to go fast, to disrupt our teams as little as possible. efficy was able to accompany us in this transition, with a powerful, intuitive and user-friendly software suite. Having a tool which was rapidly accepted by users greatly contributed to the success of the project." 

  • Jeoffrey Chmielecki Amma

    "All our contracts, claims and policy holder documents are in efficy CRM. It is very easy to find information"