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Amma is a Brussels-based mutual Insurance company that was founded in 1950. As the largest provider of Healthcare Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance solutions in Belgium, the company serves 33.000 physician and health professionals via a direct sales and broker distribution network. 

The Company is constantly working to optimize the customer experience of its policy owners/stakeholders, and it has been using efficy CRM as an on-premise CRM solution for the past 10 years. 

AMMA runs a Microsoft Windows environment that includes a legacy “Talk” back-office that has been customized over the years, as well as the Agresso Unit4 ERP system.

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  • Jeoffrey Chmielecki Amma

    "All our contracts, claims and policy holder documents are in efficy CRM. It is very easy to find information"

The Challenge

To raise policyholder and member satisfaction, AMMA needed to: 

  • Reduce the burden of paper-related administrative tasks 
  • Manage information with speed and accuracy 
  • Resolve claims quickly and effectively 
  • AMMA manages a vast number of forms, policies, contracts, and other documents.

The company wanted to replace its manual, paper-intensive processes to deliver faster and more transparent customer experiences at lower cost. This required sharing information seamlessly across departments in order to optimize operations — from customer acquisition and policy administration, to client servicing and claims management. 

As Jeffrey Chmielecki points out, “all our contract, claim and policy holder documents are in efficy CRM. It is very easy to find information”. The adoption of efficy CRM is part a long-term plan to move toward a “Paperless Office” that’s designed to optimize customer service in an information-intensive organization.

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The solution.

Within AMMA, efficy CRM supports all communication tasks that are associated with policy operations. As such, it touches on the activities of everyone in the company in functions ranging from customer on-boarding to claims adjusting and processing, as well as billing. 

efficy CRM’s unique data model and protocol links all policy and contract documents to entities, such as Contacts, Documents, Tasks, Cases and Opportunities. 

“Everything here must be converted into a task”, says Jeffrey Chmielecki, Business Analyst. The platform automatically converts emails, policy and claims documents into task workflows without manual intervention. 

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All our departments use efficy CRM.

The use of efficy CRM provides internal and external customers with a more professional level of service across the full scope of functions: 

  • Operations and Administration: This department receives all copies of emails, mails, documents and fax messages, scans them and uploads them into efficy CRM. It automatically classifies, extracts and validates structured and unstructured information via a touchless process. These documents are automatically linked to the various efficy CRM entities, providing a single view of all these documents and ensuring that everyone works in the same manner. 
  • Sales: efficy CRM distributes insurance solutions and services via two channels: 

    A Direct Sales department engages customers directly. efficy CRM assists marketing efforts by providing a comprehensive view of the customer base, helping sales keep a constant eye on potential customers, generate contextual upsell and cross-sell offers, and manage leads. This department relies on the email marketing platform of Flexmail, an efficy partner, for launching targeted campaigns and following up with outbound telemarketing activities. 

    A Medi Brokers Solutions department supervises relations with the brokers network. 

  • Production: All contracts and claims administration workflows are managed within efficy CRM, in conjunction with AMMA’s Talk proprietary back-office management system that is used for managing policies. AMMA employees can view customer information across multiple business functions, processes and channels. This facilitates collaboration, improves underwriting productivity and enables faster claim resolution. 

The company now gains exceptional control and visibility into the claims process. Claims are received and reviewed automatically, eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining the processing of all documents associated with a policy – including correspondence, photographs, expert proposals, and doctor statements. 

Over the years, efficy has helped meet AMMA’s specific requirements by integrating the CRM platform with the company’s legacy systems, for example by customizing synchronization with the Talk back-office system and with external workflows, and by providing access to such external databases as FMC.

What are the results? 

Policy efficy’s a centralized CRM solutions is based on a unique data model and protocol. Policy and customer data is used consistently throughout the company, enabling information sharing across all departments and managerial functions. 

People can find information intuitively and from multiple access points. Specifically, AMMA has made significant gains in case resolution times, while reducing operational costs that are associated with marketing and the processing of claims. 

In the long term, the company plans to extend its use of efficy CRM document management capabilities to a more corporate and strategic level, and beyond insurance policy marketing and processing activities.

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