Master you cases and your customers with Efficy

In the law firm sector, customer relationship is a necessary evil. Allow you to focus on your cases, here is the goal of your CRM.

Lawyers have concrete needs about information sharing within their firm, about research efficiency and, finally billing of their services to the right price. These are major issues for this sector.

With Efficy CRM solutions for lawyers, all these problems find their answer in a simple, ergonomic and scalable tool.

CRM challenges for the law firm sector

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    Master your cases, documents, and clients
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    Simplify your administrative processes
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    Bill your fees at the right price

Centralize customer information

A CRM for lawyers is a necessity to centralize and share information that the firm has about a client or a case. Your employees will have a complete vision about documents from the legal file: report from interviews, scanned mails, saved e-mails…

This sharing of information helps maintain high-level of privacy, thanks to management features that give a different level of access rights.

Optimize your time

To focus on your business, the CRM tool for lawyers allows you to drastically reduce the time devoted to administrative tasks without much value-added.

Automatic document generation from the CRM, integration with your office tools, coupling with your telephony system, ability to subscribe to notifications according to your interests… All features that allow lawyers to be efficient.

Bill your services

The process billing becomes easy thanks to dedicated tools with the CRM for lawyers.

Thanks to the “Chrono” features, you keep track of all your time spent on your cases.

A billing module also allows you to edit the invoices directly after following a parameterizable validation process.

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Efficy CRM

You need a complete CRM (sales, marketing, customer service, reporting) that enables you to centralize all customer knowledge and standardize the 360° customer view.
55€ / user / month
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Efficy CRM

In addition to a complete CRM, you want a powerful project management system integrated into your CRM. Bonus: Gamification features to improve and accelerate adoption by your users.
70€ / user / month
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E-Deal CRM by Efficy

You are not in your first CRM project, you have numerous and complex customer relationship processes. With this edition, the BPM is just a click away. Bonus: multi-channel marketing features and full customization options.
85€ / user / month
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