Streamline everything from consultation to settlement with efficy CRM for law firms.

Legally, no two cases are the same. With our CRM for law firms, we help you handle sensitive information throughout your processes without wasting a single second or resource.   



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Build trust and manage cases with ease.

Create engaging relationships from day one by centralising customer information and tracking every touch point from start to finish.

Set up cases in your pipeline and assign them to clients, emails, appointments, notes and everything involved. Collaborate effectively within your firm, streamline your activities, and maximise your revenue with efficy CRM.

This CRM for lawyers helps you gain the trust of your clients to build valuable, long-term relationships.

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  • "Thanks to the advantages of efficy CRM, we can now recruit our new lawyers and trainees while maintaining the same number of assistants."

What is CRM for law firms?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables law firms to manage business development activities, including client acquisition, case scheduling and tracking, revenue control, and confidential document storage. Essentially, legal CRM software handles the prospecting process to convert new leads into long-term clients. 

Allocate your resources wisely — no more lost cases.

Time is your firm's most precious asset. Find key messages and relevant case data effortlessly with efficy CRM, and keep your clients up to date.

Our CRM for law firms allows you to keep track of potential and existing cases while handling repetitive tasks. Build customised reports of all your case data and act based on facts and insights.

With efficy CRM, you'll free up hours of valuable time so you can stay ahead of the curve and ready to meet all your clients' needs.

Store sensitive information in a safe space.

Organise all types of legal reports and access the information you need, when you need it, from one secure place.  

With efficy CRM, you can ensure data privacy compliance with role-based access controls.  

Our CRM for law firms helps you keep track of all changes and additions made to each of your cases, so you can keep your clients' highly sensitive and confidential information safe. 

efficy CRM for law firms — build trustworthy relationships with solutions tailored to your needs.

Our solutions are easily customisable with add-ons and integrations, so you can feel confident that your solution fits your unique business needs.

Over 330,000 users are already growing with efficy
  • Benoit Speybroeck Belfius

    "The new system will enable everyone who is in contact with a client to have a 360° view of them."

  • Arnaud Garnier BNP Paribas

    "efficy CRM in a nutshell: peace of mind. We have reached our cruising speed. efficy has grown a lot over the last few years, it is a genuine partnership."

  • Jeoffrey Chmielecki Amma

    "All our contracts, claims and policy holder documents are in efficy CRM. It is very easy to find information"