E-Deal partners with efficy to become the leading European CRM provider.

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Montrouge, May 15, 2018

E-Deal, the leading French CRM publisher, is teaming up with efficy CRM, the top CRM publisher in the Benelux region so that, together, they can become the go-to CRM player in Europe.

efficy: the emergence of a European CRM champion

efficy, founded in 2005 in Brussels, publishes an agile CRM available in nine languages, both on-premise and on the cloud. efficy CRM, which is already marketed in eight European countries and currently the market leader in the Benelux region, is used on a daily basis by over 2000 companies throughout Europe to boost their customer relationship.

E-Deal was founded in 1998 in Paris, and publishes E-Deal CRM, a global and modular software suite that automates customer processes for mid-sized and large companies in over 30 countries. Today, E-Deal has over 50 employees in Paris, and 25 in Toulouse.

By joining forces, E-Deal and efficy will have a combined team of 175 people in Europe for a combined turnover of €20 million in 2017. With an extensive and comprehensive CRM software range and increased growth prospects, by the end of 2018 this new group will cross the 200-employee mark for a turnover of nearly €25 million.

Cédric PIERRARD, CEO: “E-Deal and efficy share the same values: day-to-day efficiency, customer proximity and, above all, an agile CRM. We will continue to develop both CRM offerings, which will benefit from powerful synergies, particularly for mobile solutions. With this new partnership, we will strengthen our presence in France and accelerate our development in Europe. This extended range will enable us to equip an ever-greater number of companies of all sizes with innovative responses for their Customer Relationship Management."

A story of entrepreneurship

efficy and E-Deal have similar backgrounds. They are run by their founders, both of whom are resolutely “field-oriented”, driven by the desire to address their clients’ operational challenges. They have long shared the same values, and both have enjoyed steady growth of more than 20% per year. This strategic partnership is not merely a financial transaction; it is the coming together of the complementary know-how of the founders of efficy and E-Deal in the service of Customer Relationship.

David GOTCHAC, the former CEO of E-Deal and now VP Sales & Marketing for the Group, explains: “Our objectives were so aligned that things moved very quickly for such a large-scale operation. Similar companies, complementary products, field-driven ambitions; that is the key to a successful rapprochement. We are especially glad that we can now offer our clients gamification and advanced marketing automation solutions as well as a powerful rules engine.”

Robert HOUDART, VP R&D, adds: “Thanks to our complementary R&D teams, we will be able to accelerate developments, particularly in terms of AI and process automation. Both software offerings will continue to grow and enrich one another.”

Imad HARFOUCHE, VP Operations, concludes: “Our Cloud services have already grown to become predominant, and things will only accelerate from here. Our customers will be able to benefit from having data centers across Europe. We will be able to deliver a high-performance, cost-effective, certified solution, and, above all, a solution which complies with all recent data privacy regulations. We are committed to helping our clients sail smoothly through the GDPR transition.”

The new efficy CRM group at a glance.

Key figures.

  • €20 M turnover
  • 175 employees in 9 countries
  • 2,500 clients
  • 160,000 users in 33 countries
  • 20% average growth rate over the last 5 years

Executive committee.

  • Cédric PIERRARD, CEO
  • David GOTCHAC, VP Sales & Marketing
  • Imad HARFOUCHE, VP Operations
  • Robert HOUDART, VP R&D
  • Erwin VOGELEER VP Professional Services