efficy CRM accompanies Geesa in its Customer Relationship.

Geesa is a company settled in the Netherlands. It provides bathroom accessories for B2C and B2B customers.

Their products are found in hotels, cruise ships but also in private bathrooms.

Geesa is very well known for the high quality of its bathroom products, its qualitative service and its Dutch-design approach. The company has been existing for 130 years.

In the Benelux, Geesa is the market leader. Besides this leadership position in the Benelux, Geesa also exports its good all over the globe.

  • "Customers have become even more important thanks to our CRM solution and our sales opportunities are very well illustrated and organized."

Why did Geesa opt for efficy?

«Geesa was a customer of Winris, a CRM system bought by efficy. 

Geesa thus shifted from Winris to efficy, whose solution provided more features for the growth of the company.»

What is the experience your employees have with efficy CRM?

«Given that Geesa shifted from Winris to efficy at the middle of the year 2016, the use of efficy is still at its beginning. 

However, big improvements are already noted in terms of flexibility of the program and the “nomad”(allowing access to efficy when users are off line) to version of efficy had a great impact on the company.»

How did efficy CRM change your way of working within your company?

«efficy enabled us to have a better overview and insight into what and who is doing what. 

Customers have even more become a priority thanks to the CRM solution and our sales opportunities are very well illustrated and organized.»

Why would you recommend efficy CRM?

«efficy is a great and reliable solution. It provides you the ability to make custom changes and adaptations according to the needs of your company.

efficy first comes as a package that is implemented and then, as you grow and as your activity develops, customs can be added according to your own requirements. efficy also offers a very good after-sales service.»

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  • "With the emergence of Asian competition, we had to move from a reactive sales approach to a proactive sales approach (...) in this context, we decided to purchase a customer relationship management solution."

  • "The fact that we have been able to parameterize in efficy the offers to be sent to our clients has speeded up the process. In addition, all this allows us to analyze many aspects and to make the appropriate follow-up of each project."

  • Christophe Peysson Trelleborg

    "We chose efficy CRM for its multilingual capabilities. Regardless of their area of operation in the world, our sales teams now have a single interface." 


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