Since 1993, Gerontim has been assisting medico-social establishments and services, departmental councils and ARS, and architecture professionals, in all issues related to gerontology.

The association, which specializes in the quality of life of the elderly, has three complementary missions.

It represents professionals in the sector, in particular residential facilities for the dependent elderly (EHPAD) and home care providers (SSIAD and SAD) in dealings with public authorities; it trains gerontology professionals in ethical and quality of life issues; and finally, it advises and supports facilities in their projects.

Each of these activities has its own clients, its own regional managers and account managers and has very distinct needs.

  • "The results of our campaigns have been more than satisfactory, it is obvious that without CRM we could never have reached such amounts."

Why choose efficy CRM?

Among the solutions we evaluated, efficy CRM quickly stood out. The proposed software seemed flexible enough to adapt to our different activities. In addition, the interface proved to be extremely easy to learn and very ergonomic, which made it easier for us to support the change.

Three activities for one CRM.

Our CRM project was unique in that we had to bring together our three very distinct businesses into one software package. To put it another way, it was almost like merging three companies into one tool

We had a real need to harmonize our actions at the level of the three activities and to have a better overall visibility. In the past, it was not uncommon for a client to have to give the same information to different people.

Faced with an aging and not very functional CRM, Gerontim decided to equip itself with a more modern tool that was more in line with its business practices.

The challenge posed by Gerontim and its parent company, the National Federation for the Future and Quality of Life of the Elderly (Fnaqpa), could have frightened the efficy consultants. But once the challenge was overcome, the gains were not long in coming.

Supporting growth.

A few months and a lot of work customizing the tool later, the CRM was up and running.

“The main advantage is the continuity of our commercial actions. Even if an employee leaves, customer knowledge remains and our actions continue. In addition, we have gained in the quality of the customer relationship since each of the three activities has the knowledge of the other two. ”

And the gains of CRM are also financial. Gerontim is launching an ambitious campaign to promote its training courses in a very competitive market. “Thanks to CRM, we were able to send highly targeted emailings and then make customized telephone follow-ups and reach a maximum number of qualified prospects in a short time. The results were more than satisfactory: 95% of training sessions were completed and we generated 200,000 euros in sales. It is obvious that without CRM we would never have been able to reach such amounts.

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  •  « As the structure of all entities is the same, it is easy to identify and solve problems. In this way, each employee can quickly return to work on his or her primary tasks.»

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    "From web leads to business monitoring, efficy CRM has enabled us to simplify, structure, and automate our customer relations. Now, we could not live without efficy CRM!"

  • "We therefore needed a simple, easy-to-use, flexible tool that would allow us to have different approaches. Our objective: to develop our reputation and to structure the sales department in order to quickly consolidate our sales."


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