Visconti is the European leader in executive coaching by executives.

Our ambition is to help leaders meet the challenges of their position by generating concrete results while having more fun.

We operate at the crossroads of three businesses: coaching, consulting and training. At any stage of their personal trajectory and the life cycle of their organization, we provide customized support to executives, individually and sometimes collectively.

Our methodology adapts to the personal trajectory of the executive: when taking up a position, when in office or when evolving, the stakes are different and our approach changes accordingly.

We therefore needed a simple, easy-to-use, flexible tool that would allow us to have different approaches. Our objective: to develop our reputation and to structure the sales department in order to quickly consolidate our sales.
Xavier Baudard
Associate Director

The project at a glance

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The project's context

We implemented our CRM very early in the company because we had several needs. First of all, our target is made up of managers and executives. These are people who are very solicited and who hate to be contacted twice by the same company. There is nothing worse in business than soliciting a prospect twice. It’s the best way to lose them before they’ve earned it.

“We also wanted to communicate about our business. So we wanted to be able to do direct mail and integrate the marketing department. ”

In France, our approach is innovative, we have to send regular content and newsletters, not advertising but content to our entire base.

“We also needed to track our contracts, our pipeline, contract transformations, etc. In order to simply and quickly consolidate the turnover, to know where we are and how we are evolving. ”

And above all we wanted to work as a team, 1 + 1 is more than 2. We have some of our partners who have development managers. They need to be able to communicate fluidly and quickly to work together especially when they want to invite prospects to a breakfast or when they can sign another potential deal with a client or whatever. So we needed to have multiple accesses to this information in a simple and efficient way.

Why choose Efficy CRM?

Today we are about forty at Visconti, in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. I would also like to point out that 100% of VISCONTI coaches are former managers.

“This is a very important detail because when we had to choose a CRM tool, we had to find a tool that suited everyone, even though we had strong and different personalities. We came from small and medium-sized companies as well as large groups. So we needed a simple, easy-to-use, flexible tool that allowed different approaches. “

A customizable and collaborative solution

“We approached many service providers. We turned to Efficy because we had the possibility of having a flexible structure and integrating our email with Gmail. Efficy CRM also allows us to follow up and make sure we know what has happened, especially when we’re dealing with major accounts and their subsidiaries. ”

We need to have consistency and follow the contracts in a simple and easy way to avoid the financial department sending us reporting tables on excel that we should have to fill in addition. So it’s also a simplification for them. Now they can retrieve the contracts and immediately consolidate the data in order to produce intelligent reports that can be used by everyone. This saves precious time, especially for sales people who hate filling out reports.

CRM as a growth driver

Usually when you implement a CRM, it’s a change. People hate change and yet it is the only thing that allows them to move forward and progress. CRM is a real change that is not necessarily well experienced by the sales population because they think that their customers, their prospects, are their knowledge and therefore their power.

And we must also add that they are afraid of being “flipped”. The important thing when implementing this kind of tool is to explain that we will be better, more efficient and that it will allow us to be more rigorous in order to avoid making mistakes that are difficult to catch.

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