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What is the Best CRM for Your Business?

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The CRM is one of the most important software of any company. That's why choosing the best one is important. 

We are interested in all this of CRMs, after all, we sell one, however, throughout this article we will explain which we believe is the best CRM for each case and why ours scores high.

Do the functionalities define which is the best CRM?

Believe it or not, whether a CRM is super good or regular has nothing to do with its features. 

In fact, if this were the case, we could already give efficy the position of best CRM because we have an infinite number of functionalities: 


CRM Modules

The functionalities are important, but not the most important.

Does the difficulty of use define which is the best CRM for you?

Another mantra often used when talking about CRM is that the shorter the learning curve and the easier it is to use, the better. 

But let me refute that. 

If that were the case, everyone would write text in a notebook instead of using a program like Word, don't you think? 

No, definitely, the most important thing is not the ease or difficulty of using it either.

The real key to differentiating the best CRM is your company's needs.

What really makes the difference when it comes to choosing the best CRM on the market is:

  • What is your company like?
  • Who will use the CRM?
  • What are you going to use it for?
  • In which industry do you work?

Based on these questions, we can define 3 main groups of CRM:

The best CRM option for companies with very specific requirements.

In some sectors companies have extremely specific requirements in their CRMs. 

The most iconic case is real estate management. 

Larger real estate companies can afford to use highly customisable CRMs, however, smaller companies tend to find more benefits in sector-specific CRMs with links to the major flat sales sites. 

If your industry has very specific characteristics that a CRM should meet if or when, it is best to look for a CRM tool that specialises in your sector or one that is very adaptable.

The best CRM for small companies.

The key to choose a CRM designed for small companies, which have few needs and will not employ many users, is:

  • CRM is easy to use.
  • It covers all the current needs of the company.
  • When the company grows, it can be adapted.

Furthermore, although it is not a requirement, these types of companies often need a CRM that focuses mainly on sales and not so much on document management, invoice generation or integration with ERP. 

It is with these principles in mind that efficy was designed, and that is why we believe it is one of the best options in this category.

The best CRM for large companies.

In the case of large companies with large teams working on CRM there is no doubt: 

The key to defining the best CRM is its ability to adapt and customise itself effectively to your needs. 

In large companies, different teams and departments work with the tool, which requires numerous functionalities and, sometimes, synchronisation with other business tools. 

The only way to cover this whole range of needs is to have a CRM that can be personalised to the maximum to ensure a perfect fit between the company and the tool.

And at the personalisation level, the most complete CRM is, without doubt, efficy!

At efficy we are clear that each company is unique and so are its needs. 

To adapt to these circumstances we have 19 modules for different realities, but we can also personalise the tool because we are the most flexible and scalable tool in the whole industry. 

So you don't spend time and money looking for an ideal solution. We develop it for you. 

And the proof that it works is that we have more than 4,500 clients in 33 countries. 

Want to try it out? 


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