Sales relationship

Create customer loyalty with Efficy CRM

Efficy CRM enables you to do targeted marketing and improve your customer loyalty by meeting their individual needs Why is it crucial to create customer[...]
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Sales relationship

Cross-selling in the banking and insurance sector

What is concretely cross-selling in the banking and insurance sector? Is the digital revolution a threat or an opportunity? The banking and insurance sectors understood[...]
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A CRM solution is not just a CRM

Efficy is glad to invite Simon Whitson, from whitson consulting, on its blog.. In this post, Simon  explains why CRM is not just a CRM…[...]
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5 CRM Trends for 2017

A Social Revolution CRM Software will be more Social In 2016, we saw a lot more CRM providers adding new social media features, whether that[...]
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Enriching customer experience

Digital POS; giant, connected screens; smart fitting rooms; etc. There was excitement aplenty at Retail’s Big Show in New York, hosted by the National Retail[...]
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